The signs that you’re too stressed

A packed schedule, a side job, doing fun things with your besties and staying informed about all new films and series, life can be cray. So, no matter what the reason may be for your stress, I’ll tell you how to zen a little more!

  1. Tired all the time

If you’re feeling super exhausted, it’s a good idea to check for yourself what worries you have on your mind. Stress makes your body systems work overtime and is therefore a great energy drainer.

2. Emotional

When you’re stressed, the brainstem — the primitive part of your brain — takes over. Stress flattens your filter and drives your instinct to act all the way up. The result: inner rage beast comes out during interactions that you can normally handle just fine.

3. Stomach issues

Maybe it’s a stomachache or too much (or not enough) bathroom time that bothers you. Either way: it’s the worst. Brain cells are scattered throughout every organ system, and for some people, that nervous energy goes straight to their stomachs. It’s still being researched how the stress hormones strike, but that there’s a link, is certain.

4. Constantly sick

When you’re in high-stress mode, your immune system goes down about 30%. And that increases the chance that you will pick up every flu, cough or cold round that prevails.

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5. Sexual feelings

Some people lose their sexual feelings when they’re overwhelmed by school pressure, family problems, money worries… You know, life. Don’t get too worked up. The feelings will come back on their own.

6. Forgetful

When every project, exam or chore gets stuck in your head and you can’t shake the stress, your memory becomes fuzzy, your focus nonexistent and your ability to listen gets squashed.

7. Breathing?

You’re in class and you get a medium mark for your exam. And you tell yourself: your whole future is over. You feel so many different emotions all at once that you feel light-headed, tingly or shaky. What’s up with that? Sometimes – when you’re really worried – you literally hold your breath to keep all the emotions in.

8. Exploding head

Try to remember the last time someone scared you. Your neck and shoulders tense up all at once, right? Well, that reaction to danger comes from the cavemen days. It’s an animal instinct to protect your carotid artery. So, when you feel like you’re being attacked, all the tension shoots up to the back of your neck, causing your blood vessels to swell, putting extra pressure on your brain. Do this to feel better: Sit up straight, take a deep breath, rest your chin on your chest, and turn your head all the way to the left, then all the way to the right. Or try breathing exercises.

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Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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