The things you do when you love your pet

Are you a real animal lover? I made a list of nine things that you recognise when you love your pets. And they come from my heart, seeing as I love my cat (and previous pets) very much. So, let’s get started!

  1. My baby boo

You don’t treat your pet like an animal, but like a baby. You’re the mummy/daddy of your animal/animals and you’re very proud of that.

2. Hairs everywhere

Ugh, you’re always covered in hair. It ruins your outfit and it doesn’t look that fresh either. But you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

3. Photoshoot

You have more photos of your pet on your phone than of yourself. You want to capture every cute move and hang it above your bed. Or well, use it as a wallpaper.

4. Talk

You talk to your pet as if it were a human. Some people think it’s exaggerated, but real pet lovers understand you.

Close-Up Photography of Two Dogs

5. Cutie pie

You have a lot of crazy nicknames for your pet and he/she listens to them too. Isn’t that cute? It’s easy because you can always use multiple if only one doesn’t work *wink*

6. Smell

If you invite people, you’re secretly a little afraid that the smell of your pet is hanging in the house. Hopefully they don’t smell anything.

7. Happy day

Are you having a bad day? Your pet will cheer you up and make your day. Did you know that animals can sense your feelings too?

8. Leave behind

There’s nothing worse than leaving your pet at home. You miss your little baby and you really can’t let her/him go. Mummy/daddy will be home soon!

Two Orange and Brown Cats Reclined on Brown Rug

9. Bad boy!

If your pet has done something that’s not allowed, you really can’t get mad at him/her. All you can say is that he/she is naughty, but after that, you’re not mad anymore.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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Images source: Pexels


16 thoughts on “The things you do when you love your pet

  1. So true! I hate traveling because I don’t like leaving my pets for very long. My husband and I will be in a hotel and look at each other. One of us will say, β€œI wonder how the babies are?” They are our life!!

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