Had a bad night? This is how you get through the day

We all have a bad night’s sleep from time to time. Sometimes so little, that you’re very tired the next day. But how can you get through the day at work or school without falling over from lack of sleep? These tips might be able to help you out!

  1. Cold shower

You may think that taking a shower wakes you up, but there’s a trick that really gets your body into on mode. By the way, don’t take a hot shower, because that can make you even sleepier, because your body temperature rises. But of course there’s a solution for that. After you’re done, it helps to set your shower to its coldest for 30 seconds. Then you turn the tap warmer again (not too hot, but also not too lukewarm) and do that again for 30 seconds. This trick stimulates your blood circulation and it really wakes you up.

2. Not too much coffee

The only thing you think when you’ve slept badly: ‘I need coffee!’ But it’s not smart. Drinking one or two cups of coffee in the morning will definitely give you a boost, so don’t skip that portion. But the effect of the cups of coffee afterwards is so small that it’s not worth it. In addition, you can get huge energy dips when the caffeine has worn off, and you don’t need that right now. After noon it’s best to drink only water, that also gives you a boost, although it may not seem like it.

3. To-do list

Shit, you slept badly. Unless you have a time machine to redo the night, there’s not much you can do about that. When you’re tired, you make fewer (good) choices, so when you show up for work, the first thing you’ll do is make a to-do list. Make sure you do the difficult tasks first, and leave the easy tasks at the end of the day. If you don’t have to think about what to do, your tired brain doesn’t have to do a lot of work. And another bonus tip: don’t slump, but sit upright.

4. Daylight

Sometimes you just need to help your body wake up. If you can go to work by bike or on foot: I say do it. Even if you get off the bus two stops earlier, that already works wonders. Your body needs sunlight to activate your biorhythm and light activates your alertness. A short morning walk can do wonders!

Woman Leaning on Table

5. Eat smart

Another way to wake up your body: food. If you eat within an hour of getting up, you give your body energy. If you wait a long time to eat, your body has to work very hard and that can cause you to keep eating. And of course you can eat a Nutella sandwich, but if you haven’t slept well, it’s better to take healthy fats, fiber and proteins. Think of oatmeal with apple, avocado or an egg. Eating a lot of sugar will only make you more tired, so try to avoid that!

6. Stop snoozing

Yes, getting up isn’t always easy. That snooze button seems so appealing, but if you don’t want to fall asleep during the day, you better stop snoozing. Snoozing will only make you more tired, because you fall asleep for a few minutes every time. Set your alarm at the time you want to get out of bed and get up (almost) immediately after your alarm goes off.

7. Take your time

It may seem like total nonsense to get out of bed earlier so that you have more time in the morning, but it can help you not to be tired all day. When you have to rush in the morning, you only get stress, which makes you more tired. Sleep is indeed very precious, but the time to get going is actually much more precious.

8. Alternative activities

To avoid fatigue, it’s good to keep your eyes active and to alternate your activities. So that means not staring at your screen non-stop all day! Try to take regular breaks by doing something else. At work you can go for a walk during the break or chat with a colleague. When you’re at home, it’s important to keep certain tasks and not to hang on the couch all the time. This way you avoid getting tired.

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9. Workout

You may be thinking: “But sports make you tired…” That’s true, but only if you exhaust yourself completely. And that’s not the intention! A good workout gives you energy and strength. It’s best to exercise in the morning or in the afternoon. When you exercise in the evening, you can sometimes find it difficult to relax from the adrenaline and that’s precisely the moment when you can chill out. And of course sleep.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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