The things you recognise when you believe in horoscopes

Are you someone who’s totally obsessed with zodiac signs and horoscopes? Always reading them the second new ones are released? Then you’ll surely recognise these things!

  1. Match made by the stars

You’re firmly convinced that certain zodiac signs are a match made in heaven for you. You really don’t date anyone when the stars say they don’t suit you.

2. Prejudices

You have prejudices against someone when you know what kind of zodiac sign someone has. You know the character traits well by heart and you can guess how someone is put together.

3. Instagram

You follow various zodiac sign Instagram pages with fun memes and facts about your zodiac sign. It’s the only thing that keeps you connected to it daily.

4. Using excuses

‘I can’t help it, it’s just my zodiac sign’, is your excuse when you are criticised for your behaviour. Good excuse, but it doesn’t always work…

Person Holding White Round Ball

5. Guess

You love to guess the zodiac signs of others and you’re also very good at it. It’s like your sixth sense. Maybe you should do something with it as a job!

6. Proud to be

You’re super proud of your zodiac sign and like to show it. You have bracelets and necklaces of your zodiac sign to show how proud you actually are.

7. Horoscopes are your fave

Every morning before you start your day, you check your horoscope. You really can’t get out of bed without a horoscope! Otherwise your day will be doomed from the start!

8. So true

All predictions come true and fit the situation you’re in right now. This is no coincidence! And you tell that to everyone you know, because that might convince them to believe in it too.

Brown Wooden Rolling Pin on Brown Wooden Chopping Board

9. Spiritual type

People who don’t really believe in it, often think you’re a bit crazy. They often let you chat, but don’t believe anything you say, and silently judge you. Sadly, those people exist too.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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32 thoughts on “The things you recognise when you believe in horoscopes

  1. Natuurlijk wat je soms te lezen krijgt is vaak algemeen. Er zit zoveel in een horoscoop. Ik spreek niet van toekomst maar van hoe je leven eruit ziet en wat je valkuilen kunnen zijn.

    Aum Shanthi

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Dat mag dat je het nut er niet van ziet. En dan hoef je het ook niet te lezen je horoscoop. Je hebt tenslotte zelf je leven in handen.

        Aum Shanthi

        Liked by 1 person

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