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Tips for when you feel down

Ever since Covid began, I’ve been feeling down more than ever. Not able to go to the cinema, concerts, amusement parks, arcades, see my friends, go on holiday etc. It’s sometimes very hard to do something to help you forget about that feeling, so that’s what I’m here for today! Let’s battle this feeling together!

  1. Write down your feelings

Sometimes you have no idea why you’re feeling down. Writing down how you feel can help you understand yourself better. And, it’s proven that writing it down also helps you to not bottle it up.

2. Take a walk

Fresh air helps you to think clearly. Focus on your environment. You’ll notice how beautiful the trees actually are. How cute is that one lady’s dog. How many birds do you hear? How good does the park smell when you walk past it?

3. Happy music

When you’re down, you’d rather put on a sad song, but that’ll make everything feel even heavier. So, choose cheerful music. At first it’ll irritate you a bit, but eventually the music influences your feelings, and you’ll feel a lot happier.

4. Take a nap

When small children start to cry, their parents often let them sleep for a while. As you get older, it’s actually exactly the same. Sometimes you just have to take a nap to wake up a lot happier.

5. Get creative

By being creative, your brain relaxes, and your negative mood will slowly fade. For example, try drawing, sewing or photographing something.

High angle of crop anonymous female sitting with crossed legs and reading opened book

6. Read a book

A good book takes you out of reality for a while. Because you’re completely immersed in the story, you forget yourself for a while and you can relax again.

7. Candles and tea

Make your environment cozy and make yourself a cup of tea. It sounds easy, and hard to believe that it does anything. But it works, it really does!

8. Dress up

You probably don’t like anything right now, but if you put a little effort into your outfit, you’ll be happy with it later in the day. When you go out in your old sweatpants, you’re more likely to linger in your mood.

9. Call a friend

They can give you the best advice, but actually even better, you can listen to them talking! It helps to not have to talk or think about yourself for a while.

10. Treat yourself

Ice cream, pizza and chocolate make everyone happier! So, why don’t you go order yourself your favourite pizza, take some ice cream out and eat some chocolate along with it? It’s cheat day!

Assorted-color Artwork Equipment Set

11. Watch a funny film

When something is really funny, you can’t stop yourself from laughing along, no matter how down you are! Or, go watch bloopers of your favourite show!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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