Car confession tag

I made my own tag last year because I couldn’t find any tags related to cars. Yet, today, I stumbled upon a car confession tag! And seeing as I love my car and driving, I was very eager to answer the following questions!

  1. Do you have a car?

Yes, I do. My second actually. I got my first one back in 2016/2017, but I lost it in 2018 due to a car accident. That’s when I got my second car. Both were second-hand cars. I mean, why would I be ashamed to admit that? Most young people start with a second-hand car as soon as they get their driving license.

2. Why do you have a car?

To be able to feel free. To go to places to take a walk, to do grocery shopping for my parents and grandparents, to ensure I can always be of help to someone who needs me. I just want to feel independent, and a car gives me that feeling. I do care about the environment, a lot. But I don’t wanna lose the feeling of freedom, which I already lost when Covid happened. So, I need my car.

3. What was your first car?

A lilac Daihatsu Cuore. At the time, I still liked purple, to an extent. And the car was fairly cheap. So, a perfect car to begin my journey with. Looking back at it now, that car was the most ugliest one I’ve ever had. I just don’t like the colour anymore. The model wasn’t the issue, the colour was.

4. What colour is your car?

Dark green. Also not a colour I actually like, but it’s not as worse as the lilac one. I’d rather have a black car, but sometimes you’ve got no other choice when the car is affordable.

5. Have you ever had a collision? What happened and how did it end?

Yes, I have. I was wanting to turn onto an intersection. You’re not allowed to drive any harder than about 31 miles per hour. So, a car said to me I was good to go and let me pass through. I thanked him and as I was about to make sure there was no car passing on the other lane, a car going much faster than the 31 miles hit me straight in the front. I hit my head and dislocated my shoulder because of the impact. I drove back to a parking lot and we agreed we were both in the wrong. Officially I had to wait my turn, but I got a green light from a driver. And he was wrong because of his speeding. However, since I had the give-way road-marking, I was the one responsible. Oh well, causing a scene wouldn’t have mattered much. And my car was a total loss so… It wasn’t worth saving.

Black Car

6. Does your car have a nickname?

Yes, I call him Herb. Don’t ask me why. My first car was called Herbie. And to keep its legacy, I named my next car Herb. Don’t judge me for giving my car a (nick)name.

7. Have you ever had a flat tire? How did you solve it?

Not yet, thank the Angel. I’m really thankful for that, because I still haven’t had the time to learn. I know I should learn, but I don’t want to waste a good tire, you know. So, I can only hope that it happens when my dad or granddad are with me to teach me how to fix it, or take a course to learn.

8. What kind of car will you be driving in 10 years?

I don’t know, and I don’t mind honestly. Preferably a black car, but other than that, I don’t mind much. I don’t want an expensive, big, luxury car. I’d rather keep driving second-hand cars that are old-fashioned. I prefer that over anything.

9. How often do you wash your car?

… I should wash my car way more often, but I’m just too lazy. And going to a car wash will only damage my car further (it needs repairs at the fender) and aiming a pressure hose at it wouldn’t go so well. And I just keep forgetting to order car wash to wash it myself. It’s on my to-do-list, I swear…

10. What car would you drive if you lived 20 years ago?

I’d love to drive Jonathan Byers’ car, a 1971 Ford Galaxie 500. I mean, 20 years ago means 2001, so surely they’ll still drive, around. Right? Okay, maybe not, but a person can dream, haha.

Photography of Gray Sports Car

11. Which of the 3 can you do without: air conditioning, automatic transmission or 5 doors?

Definitely automatic transmission. I don’t want a car like that. I prefer to keep a manual transmission car. I want to have that feeling of putting the car in a new gear each time I hit the gas. But, to be fair, I’ve got neither of the three things mentioned haha. My air conditioning are my windows fully rolled down and I’ve got 3 doors. So, I guess I’m good without them all.

12. Automatic transmission or manual transmission?

Easy. Manual. For the same reasons as I said in the previous question. Keep that automatic junk away from me please. I wanna be in full control of my car.

13. Have you ever hitchhiked?

No, not yet at least. I’ve been thinking about it a couple of times, but yeah. I always found a different way home when I left my car at home. Either public transport, walking or calling my dad or granddad to come pick me up.

14. What are you least good at: reversed parking, incline test, turning on the road?

I don’t really suck at either of them. With the first one, it does depend on what kind of car I drive. I prefer to drive a smaller car to have more viewings of my surroundings, and preferably not with a tow bar like my car has. That’s always tricky. And also preferably power steering, which my car also lacks. The other two were pretty easy for me when I went for my driver’s license. Thanks to the incline test, I also use my handbrake way more than my actual brake on whatever small hill. It’s easier, and doesn’t annoy the car directly behind me. Because, let’s be honest, those brake lights are bright as hell…

15. How long have you had your driving license?

In October, I’ll have mine for six years. So, I’ve got it for 5,5 years now. Time flies by amazingly fast. I’ll never forget the day I got my driving license and pranked my mum I failed haha.

Black Coupes

16. What’s your dream car?

A black Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Those cars look so goddamn gorgeous. I’d never buy a car like that myself, so if I could win a lottery somehow… No, but that would definitely be my dream car, if I had to choose one.

17. Do you sing in the car?

All the damn time, haha. I can’t drive without music, and when it’s turned on, I can’t not stop myself from singing alone. And it’s a full jam session. Instruments, vocals, back-up vocals. You name it. I do it all.

18. What do you listen to in the car?

My usual type of music: (hard) rock and heavy metal. Some say you shouldn’t listen this whilst driving, but it doesn’t bother me. It actually makes me much more attentive to my surroundings. It doesn’t have a negative effect on me at all. And I just love screaming along. No one can hear me anyway.

19. Would you still be able to find your way using an old-fashioned road map?

Even GPS makes me get lost sometimes, haha. So, I sometimes have to rely on maps by the road and other signs on the highway to get me to my destination. But yeah, I think that I’d be capable of getting to my destination with an old-fashioned map. Do give me a compass though 😉 Kidding.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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