Are you easily shy? Then you’ll recognise this

Are you a little shy? Don’t worry, we all are sometimes. Some more often than others, and I’m not one of them. So, I made this collab post with my friend Abi who’s always very shy. She wanted to create a post to support those who’re just as shy as she is. And so, here we go!

  1. Introduce rounds

Every year you have to introduce yourself in class and you absolutely hate that. When it’s your turn, you sweat like the rain is pouring down on you. Why is this necessary? Why can’t your teachers just look at your file? You can just hope it’s over soon before you do or say something stupid.

2. Cute

Everyone around you thinks it’s cute when you get shy. You find it anything but cute and it annoys you when people talk about it. Because when they do, it’s a pathway to hell for it to happen. And oh, there you go… you’re getting shy. Why? Why did they have to mention it?

3. Blushing

When you have to do something that makes you shy, you blush. Your cheeks turn super red, and you can’t help it, because it happens on its own. Don’t worry, everyone who’s shy has it. That’s also why most people think it’s cute when you blush. But you don’t. You find it annoying that you turn into a tomato. And that’s totally understandable.

4. Read aloud

Are you assigned to read something aloud in class? That kind of feels like dying to you. You don’t want to trip over your own sentences, so you try to read super concentrated. And that often makes it happen, just because you focus so hard on not to screw it up. We call that the law of Murphy.

Person Wearing White Elbow-sleeved Top Covering Beige Sun Hat

5. Presentation

You can’t sleep the night before you have to give a presentation. You immediately get a stomach ache when you’re told that you have to present something. You’d prefer to call in sick and keep making up excuses to hopefully avoid having to do one at all.

6. Crush

You don’t dare to look your crush in the eye because you’re afraid you’ll say something wrong. You’re super nervous in his/her presence; which is quite the disaster. You’re just extremely afraid that your shyness will scare your crush away and that you’ll ruin everything to even stand a chance with them.

7. Calling

You think it’s super scary to call someone. You’d prefer to ask your mother if she can schedule the doctor’s appointment, because you think it’s way too scary. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way, especially not when you’re over 18. And that’s when your shyness gets worse, because you know you have to do it yourself.

8. Answering

You know the answer to that difficult question in class? No way you’re raising your hand. You’d rather stay quiet and keep the answer to yourself than having to say something in class. And what if you’re wrong in the end? How embarrassing is that?

Woman in White Lace Cap-sleeved Top and Green Skirt Hiding Behind Brown Wall

9. Online

You feel safe and free when you talk to people online. That’s the only way for you to not be shy, and you can finally say something without blushing. After all, the other person can’t see you and you’re not making direct eye contact. It’s the perfect way for you to communicate.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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