The things that kept and keep me going through quarantine

I realised that it’s been a while since I really spoke about what’s keeping me sane during the quarantine and the whole Covid ordeal. I used to go to concerts, but that was no longer possible. And so, I had to find alternatives. And I did. So, today I’ll talk about just that!

  1. Gaming/streaming

I started streaming in May 2020. I played tons of video games, but I figured, why not stream games instead? I could do two things I love at the same time: interacting with friends and other people, whilst playing video games. I’d say an ideal solution. I also make little money with it, so that’s a nice win-win. But that’s not why I started streaming. I genuinely wanted to create a place where people could feel at ease, feel safe. And I wanted to provide an escape out of the shithole we currently live in.

2. Watching Gotham & working on edits

I started watching Gotham in the summer of 2020, and it saved me in many ways. I had something to fan about, to be excited about, to look forward to each day I watched two episodes. I loved the characters, the cast, the story, the bittersweetness. I loved it all. And I rewatch that show so many times still. And I’m currently working on edits of the show. And it brings me back to all the sadness, all the happiness. God, how happy I am that I’m living in the same era as them.

3. Rewatching Shadowhunters & working on edits

I was there when Shadowhunters’ final episode aired in 2019. And after Gotham, I had nothing left to do, so I started rewatching it with my mum and god, this show made me emotional so many times. I loved it so much. I know it’s nothing like the books, but I care so deeply for Malec and Clace. And the cast… I just keep watching videos on YouTube of interviews and such. I can’t get them out of my head. And I write fanfiction of this show and it’s just, so heartbreaking all over again. Once again, I’m so happy to be living in the same era as them. And I’m gonna start working on edits from this show too, once I’ve finished the Gotham ones.

Faceless freelancer typing on laptop and writing in journal indoors

4. Watching 1917 literally every day and all of George’s films

I first watched this film in February 2020, and god, I’m so happy I did. Ever since, I’ve literally watched this film almost every day. It’s been my saviour, literally. It made me meet George, and I’ve watched all of his films ever since. And I can’t stop, with neither of them. I know every line of the film by heart, listen to the soundtrack every day. And I’m once more so happy to be living in the same era as George MacKay. He’s my favourite actor now, and always will be. And 1917’s quote Age Before Beauty, will be my first tattoo when I turn 25.

5. Working on my books

I published the first part of my trilogy in February 2021, and worked hard in 2020 to finalise the book. And I also started writing my second book in that same year, now working very hard on the sequel, and already on the third part too. My inspiration and fantasy has never once stopped, and it never will. It’s what I’m good at, it’s what I was born for. To share my stories. And that’s what I’ll continue to do, even when people don’t buy my books. I do it for me, and that’s all that matters.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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