The summer dilemma tag

It’s practically summer (which I hate, as a vampire) and it’s therefore time to fill in a tag that’s somewhat related to summer. So, the only thing you need to do is sit back, relax and have fun reading! And if you like, you can write your own answers down in the comments below!

  1. Barefoot through the grass or barefoot through the sand/sea?

Neither, if I’m completely honest. I don’t like walking barefoot at all. But I guess, if I have to pick, I’d pick the sand and ocean. I mean, when you go swim in the ocean, it’s what you do. But I wouldn’t take my shoes off just because I arrived at the beach. No, I’d rather keep my shoes on. Preferably whilst wearing socks too.

2. Vacation on a tropical island or a sunny cultural city trip?

Definitely the city trip. I do that everytime I visit a country, so that’s not a hard pick. I don’t like tropical, seeing as I hate summer and the warmth. And I love photographing buildings and taking in cultural historic places. And I preferably go to places where there aren’t too many tourists.

3. Your dinner is only homemade pastas or only barbequing?

I’m vegetarian, so that pick is easy. Definitely the homemade pasta. I mean, I already make my own pasta, seeing as my parents aren’t vegetarian. So, I always cook twice, so to speak. A vegetarian variant for me, and a non-vegetarian variant for my parents.

4. Exercising in the gym or in the open air?

I prefer a gym. I don’t do well in the sun (vampire white skin, you know what I mean), and I don’t like being bugged by bugs all the time. And with that, I’m more of a weights kind of person, and that’s hard to maintain in nature. So, gym all the way for me.

5. Everybody thinks that you can magically make the sun appear or no one ever wants to go on vacation with you?

I do prefer going on vacation on my own. It’s less annoyance for discussions about what to do. Then again, having someone with you, at times, can be fun. But the first one seems rather weird to me and very unlikely. So, yeah. I guess I’d still pick the second one then.

Closeup Photography of Sand

6. Spending a whole summer in Scandinavia or backpacking in Asia?

Can’t I do both? I’d honestly love to do both. I love Scandinavia, and I love Asia. I literally can’t pick. But if I really have to, I think I’d pick Scandinavia. Moreover because I wanna see where my favourite DJ’s come from. I’d want to honour Avicii properly.

7. Never wearing toenail polish again or never wearing flip-flops again?

Definitely the first one. I never wear toenail polish anyway, nor do I wear nail polish. Then again, I also don’t wear flip-flops, so I guess it’s actually both. But I’d rather wear flip-flops than toenail polish. I hate makeup, which is probably known by now already.

8. You wear a too short skirt the entire summer or you can never remove your leg hair ever again?

I don’t remove my leg hair anyway haha, and I never wear skirts. So, that’s easy, again. I’d rather never remove my leg hair ever again. I wear jeans all summer anyway, because I hate shorts and having exposed legs. I’m a weirdo, I know. You don’t have to remind me.

9. Camping illegally in a meadow every night or spend every night sleeping under the stars?

Definitely sleeping under the stars. I mean, I do like the word illegal in terms of visiting places (I mean, I’m an urban explorer), yet I don’t like sleeping in a meadow with cow shit and everything. And who doesn’t want to sleep under the stars? That’s like everyone’s dream, right?

10. You’ll never be able to get your favourite ice cream flavour ever again or you can’t eat anything sweet all summer?

I don’t eat sweet anyway, so an easy pick again. I also don’t really have a weird favourite ice cream flavour (vanilla), so I doubt it’d truly be gone. But, we have to pretend it is, so therefore I pick the second option. Hopefully it also keeps the wasps away then, for once.

Red Lens Sunglasses on Sand Near Sea at Sunset Selective Focus Photography

11. Every summer you’ll hear the greatest summer hits of previous years or you start crying with every song you hear?

The last one, because that’s partially true anyway haha. I truly dislike those summer hits. I’m an emo, so I listen to heavy metal and (hard)rock only. I don’t really like pop songs. I do like some DJ’s music, but that’s rare. And I’m just a very emotional person when it comes to music anyway. Can’t stop the tears!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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