The things you recognise when you get your period at school

Oh no… You got your period just before you left for school. And if that’s not the case, it always happens when you’re at school. As if your body is trying to punish you or prank you. Whatever your body’s reason may be, you’ll recognise these things if you’ve also experienced this!

  1. Excuse to go home

Ugh, you got your period at school and want to go home. Unfortunately, according to the school, it’s not an excuse to go home. Maybe throw in a fake cough? Or fake a fever by buying a cup of tea/coffee and holding it against your forehead? Anything to go home and try to survive it in your own personal space.

2. Checking 24/7

You feel like you’ve been leaking down below all the time, but you can’t see that yourself. You ask your bestie if she wants to check your butt for you every opportunity you get. Sure, you can see if there’s a stain near the causative agent of it all, yet you can’t check your butt all the time. And that’s where she comes in.

3. Sanitary pads and tampons

You’re in class and you have to change your sanitary pads and/or tampon. And it’s a high risk, because you can feel it leaking down there. But how do you get out of the classroom without anyone noticing that you have sanitary pads in your hands? That’s so extremely stressful and awkward.

4. Cramps

Ouch! It seems like you have more cramps at school than at home. Pills also don’t help to reduce those annoying cramps. And you can’t exactly use a heating pad if you want to hide your period. There’s literally nothing you can do now, only try and wait it out, with sweat forming on your forehead.

Sanitary Pad on White Background

5. Period proof outfit

When you have your period, you wear period proof outfits, so that no one will notice that you have your period. The tight dresses, skirts and white pants stay in the closet today. It’s only a week, you can do without them for a week. It’s dark-coloured jeans now. And trust me, they’re your best bud when you do leak.

6. Replace

If you want to change your sanitary pads or tampon, you sit down on the toilet and open the package very gently, trying not to make too many sounds. Everyone has their periods, but it’s still embarrassing when you hear the packaging in the stall next door.

7. Watching you

You feel like everyone is watching you and that’s really uncomfortable. It’s as if you’ve got an aura around you that literally tells that you’re on your period. In fact, no one’s watching you! Yet, it does feel that way. Or wait, did you leak…?

8. Sneezing

Oh no… Every time you sneeze, you worry that there’s a super-sized, red stain in your underpants. And that’s when you once more, ask your bestie if she can check your butt for you. Please let it be an innocent sneeze that didn’t do any damage…

From above of cotton tampons and daily liner on wooden stand and toothbrushes and hand cleaner in jar and creams jars and perfume bottle placed on white marble surface near sink

9. PE

You don’t like PE anyway, but when you have your period, it’s nothing but a nightmare. You have a stomach ache and it’s just not nice when you bleed and have to run. What if you leak because your sanitary pad can’t stay put? Not to mention that the cramps make it nearly impossible to do any pushups…

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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