The things you recognise with fake nails

Maggie is back at it again with a post about nails! And today’s post is all about fake nails. She spoke with multiple clients in the beauty salon when doing their nails and made a post listing all the annoying things the clients experience!

  1. Going to the toilet

You naturally want to prevent losing one of your nails. Still, flushing after a toilet visit is unavoidable … Let this be precisely an impossible task for someone with long nails. Use your knuckles instead?

2. Tapping nails

You’re constantly tapping with your nails on everything that’s loose and stuck. You’re just addicted to that lovely sound. Can’t say the same for those around you, they’re annoyed by it.

3. Questions all the time

Everybody asks you every damn day if you even like those long nails. You’ll never understand that people are really wondering this. You’re completely in love with your beautiful nails and they’re simply ‘part of who you are’.

4. Typing on phone or computer

You’ll never admit that it’s not easy, because it really isn’t. Replying to a message quickly can take a little longer than you hoped, because you tap the wrong letter 100 times. Maybe just turn on autocorrect?

5. Lost a nail

You lost one and have no idea where you exactly lost it. When you wake up in the morning with one nail less, it’s always a mystery how it came off and where it went. Unfortunately, there’s no app for lost nails.

Green Manicure Art Close Up Photo

6. Staring at nails

You find your own nails so extremely pretty, and you can’t stop staring at them. It’s important for you to look at them as much as you can, considering you’ll lose them eventually.

7. Toilet issues

It takes a long time for you to get to the toilet. It’s hard to get your pants back up and close the button with your very long nails. Not to mention the zipper…

8. Grown-out nails

You know this immediately. After a few weeks, it’s really time for a new set of nails and this must of course be done as soon as possible. Being stuck with your nails in your hair is anything but pleasant.

9. Dropping things

When you drop coins or your credit card onto the ground, it’s a disaster. It’s impossible to grab them off the ground with your long, fake nails. Hopefully someone wants to help you, and doesn’t steal from you…

10. Jewellery

With those long nails, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to close the clasp of your bracelet or necklace yourself. Once again, you have to hope there’s someone nearby to assist you. Can’t go out without them, right?

Client in a Beauty Salon

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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20 thoughts on “The things you recognise with fake nails

  1. As soon as my nails start to get long I trim them right down. I can’t stand trying to type with them. I’ve seen people with really long, manicured nails typing very quickly at their computer before, so it must not bother everyone.

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