The signs you’re secretly emo just like me

I myself was an emo in my high school years, and officially still am. I’m a gothic and punk emo, so literally all-in. I love skulls, black clothes, heavy/metal and rock music and anything else emo related. I often run back to my emo playlist from the 00’s. It’s all that got me through my high school period. So, if you want to find out if you’re just like me, emo, we’re gonna rock this list!

  1. Cloudy days

You openly admit that you love cloudy days. There’s just something so relaxing about them. The darkness, the cloudiness, the eeriness… Simply said: you hate summer and sunlight.

2. Sad music

You mostly listen to sad music. If one band had to perform the soundtrack of your life, it would be the Smiths. Because let’s be real, you just thrive on sad lyrics with a grudge and rock beat. Nothing as amazing as screaming and dancing like crazy to get anger or sadness out of your system.

3. Indie films

You prefer indie films with dark or sad endings. You just get so sick of seeing perfect relationships, muscle cars, and extremely strong men doing things. You just want some badass things to happen, mischief, preferably with emo kids. If not, just everything not overly sappy and puke-like.

4. Odd characters

You always empathise with the oddest and least popular fictional characters. You like them because you identify with them. They’re often the emo ones, the punk ones, the ones who get in trouble. And that’s precisely who you are. And the less wanted they are, the more there’s left for you to love.

5. Black clothes

You prefer to wear black clothes over more colourful clothes. And your closet can attest to this preference. There’s not one colour to be found in there (okay, maybe one or two things red). But everything else is the colour that represents you. Because, simply said, black is your happy colour.

Man Sitting on Guitar Amplifier Playing Electric Guitar

6. Cancelled plans

You don’t get angry when someone cancels on you. In fact, it’s always a relief. Now you’re free to do whatever you want without any pressure. And that’s probably breaking things, letting your anger out or listening to sad songs in bed all day.

7. Relax day

You cherish those days when you can just stay at home watching films or TV. And you’ll know you’ve found your perfect soulmate when you find someone who enjoys doing it with you. Preferably in black clothes.

8. Rain

Very few things capture your attention like watching rain falling on your windows. Sometimes all you need is a rainy day at home to soothe your soul. And sad music. And black clothes.

9. Personality

You usually define yourself as a shy and reserved person. And it’s not a lie. Comes with the emo package, which includes judgemental looks from other people.

10. Sarcasm

But when you do speak up, your comments tend to have an edge of sarcasm. When you’re feeling confident, you come harsher than you intend to. Another deal that comes with the previous mentioned package.

Person in Black Leather Boots Sitting on Yellow Leather Chair

11. Do you even smile?

You don’t smile much but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in a bad mood. You just don’t understand why some people insist on having a smile plastered on at all times. Life isn’t even that happy/good.

12. Dark literature

You like dark literature. And you enjoy authors who are known to have a troubled mind. It matches your own troubled mind perfectly.

13. Museums

When you visit museums, you spend way more time really analysing the art than most people, especially when a certain piece really speaks to you. There are some works of art that invite you to get carried away (and you’re more than happy to let them.)

14. Feelings

You often have a hard time defining how you feel. Are you happy? Bitter? Fed up? All of them and more? Probably all of them, because that’s the true definition of being emo.

15. Called emo

When people called you ’emo’ growing up, it really got to you. You don’t just paint your nails black, but on eyeliner, and act sad because it’s trendy right now. No, it’s not a phase either. It’s who you are.

Man Playing Guitar

16. Sensible

But, at the end of the day, you’re a little more sensible than most of your friends. (In fact, it’s one of your best qualities.) Even if you don’t always show it, you’re a deeply empathic person with a keen sense of social justice. You understand emotions so well, and it makes you better at helping others. You’re different, and that makes you special.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis โค

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20 thoughts on “The signs you’re secretly emo just like me

  1. Did I write this????? Lol I love this! I’m pretty much all of this except maybe 3-5 things. Honestly reading this felt like something I wrote before though ๐Ÿ™‚ very good

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