What your favourite alcoholic drink says about you

I myself don’t drink a drop, but I know others who do drink something occasionally. Now, according to a friend: ‘If you don’t have a favorite alcoholic beverage, then you still haven’t mastered the art of drinking’, I say we get started with their guest post!

  1. Whiskey

Whiskey is the confident person’s drink. Treating people to stories about your life is your favorite pastime, and you don’t believe in just being ‘happy high’. However, if you’re drinking the seventh drink, remember that there’s a fine line between confidence and hubris, and driving is definitely not the right idea.

2. Scotch

You’re more of a slow drinker, someone who enjoys the finer aspects of life. Your accompaniments will never be just any chakna, your drink will never come straight out of the bottle and you’re perfectly happy if you quote just one single wisdom and don’t speak all night. Even if people call you pretentious because you know the difference between whiskey and scotch, take a sip of your drink and let your looks do the talking.

3. Brandy

You’re the one who sneaks into their parents’ liquor closet and steals a sip, because ever since your dad let you drink brandy at a station, you couldn’t resist the pull of this alcohol. You prefer sweeter blends and don’t drink regularly, but make sure you don’t tell anyone that Benadryl gives you the same high as Brandy!

4. Beer

You like to chill and you know exactly how. You don’t want to experience drunken falls, although you learned that the hard way after only consuming an entire beer tower. Like your favourite drink, you have the power to be very intense, but it takes a few hours or a few dozen pints for that effect to come across.

5. Rum

You’re the real king/queen of good times. You’re often the last man/woman to stand, or rather stumble your way out of a party. You don’t need company to enjoy your favourite drink. Just remember, your best friend may not want to hear your sob story for the 28th time.

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6. Wine

You like sophistication. You want to present an image of style and the glass in your hand is an extension of your personality. Even though you still Google on why a wine glass is only half full, you know you can rely on the fifth half full wine glass to make your answers interesting.

7. Gin

You’re the rare breed. The one who orders a gin and tonic from a crowd of beer drinkers, wine connoisseurs and whiskey enthusiasts. But you’re stuck in your rules and won’t change for the world. Gin may be a bitter pill, but it’s your bitter pill to swallow! And that’s how you drink that gin and tonic anyway!

8. Vodka

This was the first drink you tried when you sneaked out with your friends and dropped tuition fees. And that age is what you subconsciously show every time you have a drink or claim for ‘shots’. But you don’t mind the judgemental looks, because while other people start their evening at the fifth drink, you’re already swinging to silent beats by your second.

9. Tequila

You’re the adventure enthusiast who needs a constant influx of thrills into your life. After all, the party isn’t on until your guts start to burn. You may be coughing out more than what you’re downing, but you know your outrageous dance moves will really turn on party mode.

10. Jagermeister

You’re a sweet tooth who has managed to find the sweetness even in hard drinks, if JΓ€germeister can even be called a liquor, while traditionally it’s a liqueur. But you don’t care, just like you don’t care about world news and stuff. You believe in always laughing and having fun.

Man pouring beer in glass cup for picnic

11. Absinthe

You have stories of the baba you met on that trek, to the traveller from Russia you met in Hampi. You love the exotic and believe in the ‘higher’ life. So alcohol is a basic desire that you don’t always give in to, but if you have to, it’s with a drink that can help you forget the present and remember the future!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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