Game review: Maid of Sker

I’ve recently started playing a new game on my Twitch channel. It’s the second first-person game I’ve ever played. So, I’m fairly new to the camera angles and stuff. This game is a horror/survival game, but as most know, I often don’t find a horror game particularly fit to be called so. I guess we’ll find out today if this game proves otherwise!

Maid of Sker
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Maid of Sker is a first-person survival horror, set in a remote hotel with a gory and macabre history from British folklore.

Maid of Sker Review | New Game Network
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This is the Sker Hotel where it all takes place. You’re playing as Thomas and have to go save your woman Elisabeth who’s trapped in the attic, because faceless men roam the grounds. You have to find cylinders to create a certain song that’s said to break the ‘curse.’

Maid of Sker 100% Walkthrough Guide (High Resolution Maps) - SteamAH
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This is one of the many maps you’ll have to find throughout the game. I myself only got 3 thus far, so there’s much more to find. The map tells where to find certain collectibles, cylinders etc. It kinda reminds me of the Resident Evil map, but maybe that’s just a coincidence.

Maid Of Sker Has New Gameplay Out Now
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Those are the faceless men you’ll have to sneak past. They’re blind, so they can’t see you, but they can hear you indefinitely. That thing the protagonist holds, is apparently the only weapon you’ll get. But you can use it only once, until you find a new ‘battery’ to put in. It stuns them for a very short amount of time.

Don't Breathe achievement in Maid of Sker
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Before I obtained that ‘weapon’, the only thing I could do was hold my breath. And that only lasts for a couple of seconds, seeing as Thomas faints when he holds his breath for too long. The annoying thing? Whenever he walks through dust, purple clouds (no idea what it is yet) or goes near fire, he starts to cough. Only thing you can do then? Hold your breath and pray for the best.

Maid of Sker Walkthrough and Guide - Neoseeker
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I find it rather annoying that there’s no weapon, no real way to defend yourself against those ‘monsters.’ And as far as jumpscares go, they’re not really there. I don’t call this game a horror game, but the design to me is stunning. The music used is also amazingly composed, plus I love the fact that it’s Welsh history. But as gameplay goes, that really lets me down. I wish you had at least one weapon, a gun, a knife, a sword, anything. And a way to heal faster/more. I hope it improves along the way, but I’m not too impressed yet. Graphic wise, a big 8. Gameplay? I think about a 5.

I shall give Maid of Sker 3 out of 5 stars!

Have you played the game yet?

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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