What your favourite vegetable says about you

I once made a post about your favourite fruits in comparison with your personality, so I thought that it was time to do the same with vegetables! Let’s see what it has in store for you!

  1. Asparagus

Your serious exterior belies your cute inner child. You love to travel and are well-read, but often have experiences with very different impressions than your friends. Compatible with spinach and broccoli. Avoid carrots and green beans.

2. Broccoli

Cautious in nature, you seek status, power, and financial gain. You should be encouraged to take time off from work and enjoy yourself. You’re always well cared for, a bit on the conservative side. Compatible with tomatoes and corns. Avoid aubergines and garlic.

3. Carrot

Because you prefer to work independently, you can come across as aloof to others. If you’ve got children, you’re a wonderful parent and show great interest in your children’s activities. You’re detailed yet live a simple life. Compatible with pumpkins and green beans. Avoid garlic and spinach.

4. Chile pepper:

Charming and endlessly social, you have an intuitive understanding of human nature; sometimes you can be childish and even a little gullible. Whatever you do, you do everything you can to get it right. Compatible with garlic and tomatoes. Avoid carrots and broccoli.

Pile of Sweet Corns

5. Corn

You’re not afraid of hard work and rarely complain, although you can be a bit of a martyr. Loyal and committed with a strong ethic, you go beyond the call of duty to friends and your job. Compatible with broccoli and tomatoes. Avoid mushrooms and garlic.

6. Cucumber

You feel the need to stay busy and productive. You’re often the most responsible person in your social circle. When it comes to family, you’re loyal (sometimes to a fault) and committed to rituals. Compatible with chilies and tomatoes. Avoid carrots and green beans.

7. Eggplant

You mix well in different social situations. While you find it easy to give, receiving is more challenging. You have a great sense of humour and are a non-conformist. You’re able to motivate others with your straightforwardness. Compatible with garlic and spinach. Avoid cucumbers and green beans.

8. Garlic

You’re powerful and controlling, with limitless energy. You succeed in whatever you want and are the life of the party. You still have some childhood problems. Compatible with aubergines and tomatoes. Avoid broccoli and carrots.

Green Peas Plant On White Surface

9. Green bean

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or friend, you do it all with class, although sometimes your empathetic nature makes you adapt to the style of others. You’re spiritual, spontaneous and generous. Compatible with broccoli and tomatoes. Avoid garlic and chilies.

10. Mushroom

Intellectual yet moody, you lead a life full of contradictions. Beneath your gloomy surface lies a heart full of humour and compassion. You’re not as confident as you seem and often distrust others. Compatible with potatoes and corns. Avoid tomatoes and cucumbers.

11. Potato

Reliable and forthright, with you, what you see is what you get. You’re stable and relaxed, you enjoy working out and and watching sports. Despite your many talents, you’re modest in every way. Compatible with corns and broccolis. Avoid carrots and pumpkins.

12. Spinach

You’ve always been your own drummer. And while you want others to think you’re carefree, deep down you’re essentially a conservative soul with goals and pursuits that tie you down. Compatible with garlic and asparagus. Avoid carrots and broccoli.

Pile of Red Tomatoes

13. Squash

You’re the happiest of all vegetables. Travelling always stimulates your creative side, keeps your mind in the dream zone. You’re the sweetest of all, but your strength is deep. Compatible with potatoes and green beans. Avoid carrots and broccoli.

14. Tomato

You embody a certain innocence and freedom. You’re emotional yet firm in your beliefs and extremely loyal. No matter how sociable you seem, there’s one side of you that takes the spotlight. Compatible with broccoli and garlic. Avoid mushrooms and spinach.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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