What your sitting position says about your personality

We all sit, sometimes way too much (especially in times of covid) but our favourite sitting position reveals a lot about our personality. So, if you’re curious about yours, I say we dive right in! Or, sit right in…?

  1. Cross-legged

Sitting cross-legged on the floor indicates that you feel open and unconcerned. The pose, with your knees to the side, shows that you’re physically open to new ideas. The flexibility required to sit this way indicates that you’re also emotionally flexible.

2. Straight, with good posture

As you may guess, sitting perfectly upright means being confident. If this is your typical sitting position, it means that you’re a strong and trustworthy person and that everyone turns to you when they need help or comfort. But even though you have all your ducks lined up, you still know how to have fun and enjoy the little things in life.

3. Reclined

Did you know that leaning back on your arms can indicate that you’re analytical? By sitting back, you can observe a situation without acting on it. It means that you like to take in what you see, but you’re careful before you get involved. It also indicates that you’re a considerate person, often very aware of other people’s feelings and emotions.

4. Ankles crossed

When you cross your ankles you’re refined and elegant, but open and sober. Because it’s a relatively relaxed position, crossed ankles with slightly open legs show that you’re comfortable. When you sit with your ankles crossed, it’s very regal and queen-like, so you’ll make everyone around you feel confident too.

Person on a Bridge Near a Lake

5. Clutching armrests

If you tend to sit stiff and use the armrests, it means that you’re sensitive and always aware of your surroundings. Armrests keep you stable, both physically and emotionally. They also provide comfort and security. Using your armrests often means that you’re a stable, grounded person whose friends and family often depend on you as their emotional touchstone.

6. Arms crossed

Crossing your arms is often a sign of strength, defensiveness and confidence. It can also mean feeling protective as you are literally protecting your body from the world with your arms. People who often cross their arms are usually thoughtful and serious and are very analytical by nature.

7. Sidesaddle

Sitting with your knees to the side often indicates that you’re a delicate, caring person with a natural sweetness. This position can also mean feeling a little flirty! If your knees and chest point towards your potential partner, you show that you’re open and available.

8. Hands resting in lap

Keeping your hands still on your lap may indicate that you’re shy and thoughtful. Keeping your hands still can also help you appear calm and collected. You’re humble and modest, and you’re very sensitive to the feelings of others. You’re an incredible, compassionate and gentle person.

Woman Wearing Grey Long-sleeved Top Photography

9. Kneeling

Since kneeling isn’t an easy posture, it generally means feeling assertive and helpful. People who kneel a lot are often parents and grandparents who play with their children. You’re a natural leader, quick on your guard and very good at solving problems.

10. Dead center

When you sit in the middle of a bench, couch or table, you’re completely confident. Provisional people worry about where to sit, but confident people sit where they want without thinking twice. You’re brave and kind, and you make friends very easily.

11. Legs crossed and bouncing

If you often cross, bounce or shake your legs, it means you’re an organized and timely person. You always keep your promises and you always stay calm, even in moments of chaos. You’re also incredibly detail-oriented. This makes it very easy to read people and you’re always there for friends in need.

12. Hands folded in lap

People who sit politely with their hands folded in their laps are often calm, peaceful and friendly. You probably wouldn’t consider yourself a social butterfly, but you’re a great conversation partner and a very loyal friend. You’re a watchful soul with a soft voice. When you speak, it’s listened to and respected.

Photo of Man Sitting on a Cave

13. Hands clasped in lap

If you often find that your hands are firmly in your lap, it most likely means that you’re a passionate and emotional person. You have a hard time controlling your passion for life and that’s why people are naturally drawn to you. You’re warm and sweet, and you love to make people laugh and feel good.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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