The signs that you’ve found your best friend

Best friends are some kind of soulmates – if you find your best friend, you’ll never find someone like them. Friends come and go for all kinds of reasons, but if you have a best friend, they’ll stay in your life no matter what happens. And to make sure you’ve found yours, I’ll share the seven signs!

  1. Know when you’re upset

You don’t have to spell out when you’re upset – a best friend will be able to tell you’re not feeling 100% without you having to say anything. This person will be able to see how you feel just by looking at you or just by seeing how you behave. Other friends may be willing to listen when you’re upset, but only a best friend knows what you need before you even say it.

2. An amazing time together

Hanging out in the apartment? Astonishing. Are you going to a bad film? Awesome. Are you walking to the store? Fantastic. Everything you do together works out well, and you always have a great time together. You care about being together more than what you do, which means you’ll always have a great time no matter what you choose to do. You never feel like you’ve wasted time when you’re together, even if you’re just sitting on the sofa and watching TV.

3. Supportive

Whatever you want to do, your best friend will support it. Do you want to completely change your major? Then your best friend is going to help you figure out who to talk to. Do you want to go all the way back to school? Your best friend will be the one to help you fill out the application. Whatever your life goals are, and no matter how much they change, your best friend will be the first to support you.

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4. Inside jokes

You constantly get confused looks from all your other friends because you have so many inside jokes that it sounds like you’re speaking a completely different language. Every time you hang out, it seems like you’re coming up with more and more jokes that no one else but the two of you understand. Sure, you might make a few jokes with your other friends, but you’re constantly making up new and hysterical jokes with your best friend.

5. Don’t ask for anything in return

But you’re all too happy to give it to them. If your best friend offers his or her help, whatever it is, you know that nothing will be held against you. The same is true for you to your best friend – there’s no need to ask for anything in return because you know they’ll always be there to offer their help when you need it. You don’t even keep track of who last bought dinner because you know they’ll always offer to pay.

6. Talk every day

Texting, emailing, calling or talking in person – it doesn’t matter how you talk, just that you always talk. Every day. Maybe it’s just a few text messages in the morning because you have a busy schedule, but it doesn’t matter. Your best friend will always make sure they can get in touch with you in some way.

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7. Keep in check

Your best friend knows you inside and out. They know the superficial things like your favourite food and your favourite music, but they also know the deep things like your childhood experiences and your deepest fears. They remember everything from you because it’s important for them to know. On the other hand, you also know everything about them.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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