Struggles when you’ve got a rare name

A friend of mine is named Llywelyn and often struggles with having such a ‘rare’ name in foreign countries. He’s welsh, so it’s common there, but in other countries, people struggle to spell or pronounce the name right. So, he’s here to explain his struggles with you all today!

  1. Your name is never on an item

Never, never will you ever spot your name on a chain. Or even on something that’s personalised such as cups, magnets, key rings and notebooks. Not to mention that your name never gets used in any film, series, book etc. So, there’s no resemblance or any other person you can identify yourself with.

2. Name spelled wrong

Yes, that dash is really a part of my name. And yes, you really write it with an o and u. And yes, it’s double l… When you point this out to people, you get back by default; your parents must have made a mistake while entering it! Moreover, it often provides hilarious moments, for example when you order something from Starbucks. Sometimes you’re lucky that someone writes your name correctly, this is also one of the best moments in your life.

3. Auto correct doesn’t know either

Whether it’s on your phone, on Google, in Gmail, in Word, or whichever app uses it, it always says that you’ve spelled your name wrong. Well, guess what, it’s really the way you write it! So, stop saying my name is wrong, it’s rude!

Black Pen on Top of White Paper With George Text

4. Wrong pronunciation

When you join a new teacher, he/she will by default pronounce your name incorrectly. You’re already used to it and you immediately mention how you should pronounce your name. Even Siri has a hard time saying your name. For some teachers however, it’s why they really make every effort to prevent this with someone else. If someone introduces themselves with ‘Hi, I’m Sarah’, they answer with: ‘Is it SAAR-AAAH or SERAH?’

5. You wish you had a basic name

Yet you don’t change it because it makes you unique. To be honest, a common name isn’t always ideal either. You probably sat in class with a Lisa, Anna, Mary etc. So, being unique does feel good too. It has its pros and cons.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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