The signs that you’re nothing but a film buff

What being a film buff means? A person who’s very interested in and knowledgeable about films. So, now that you know the meaning behind the title, we can take a look at the article. Remember the signs you’re a bookworm? Well, I’m back, but for films this time! So, quiet… Take… Set… Action!

  1. The amount of times you watch

Let’s be honest. Films are very entertaining for us. So entertaining that we got to watch it over and over again, with people you know who criticised your film choices. And if they don’t love it, to your unsatisfaction, you can watch it again with someone else. And this is where you choose to live your own dream.

2. Force others to watch

When a film is so good, that you feel the need to share it with your friends. But remember, some people aren’t film buffs like us. Just don’t get too upset if they turn down your weekly recommendation lists. Or don’t want to watch any film at all. It’s not the end of the world and there are tons of other people out there who do match your level of excitement for films.

3. You know quotes and film languages

Maybe you remember the memorable quote from a film that moved you deeply, or you have memorised many film scripts. You could think of a certain film scene in your head when you actually do or see something. Or you could speak a little bit of Inglourious Bastards, with a little bit of Avatar, maybe even some of the Sioux language used in Dances With Wolves. Nothing’s too crazy for you.

4. Names of actors

Remembering names in real life can be overwhelming for some. But if you were that kid who owned that portable DVD player and had it in every pillow fort you ever built, then you loved your films. And you’re always capable to name most actors in films. Especially the bigger ones, but also smaller ones that some don’t even know yet. Oh yeah, you remember the faces all too well.

5. Favourite film?

No matter how hard we try to answer this question, it’s always an indecisive answer or a question that simply cannot be answered. You’d have to watch a lot of films to understand that there’s no such thing as a favourite. Well, sure, there’s a couple that are in your top 5… But picking only one? That’s mean towards the others. You can’t do that.

6. Love for Blockbuster

I know, I said Blockbuster. Have you heard of that place? Well, if you’ve lived in the days when there were Blockbusters on every block, and went there almost all of your time, that $4 rent was worth it. Even when those fees were coming up, you didn’t really care because why would you really only want a film for one day?

Woman Wearing Black Dress Shirt Eating Popcorn

7. Watch alone

Some like to watch films with others, others don’t. There are two kinds of people in our world: people who see films as their own distraction and people who’re perceived as a distraction from your films. If you’re a film buff, sometimes you’re selfish in this department, or even picky about who you want to share your film time with.

8. The reason why you watch alone?

And what’s worse? You’re constantly worried about whether or not they’ll get the film or even watch it as you’d expect them to. Guess what? Never expect someone to like something as much as you do, because when you expect things, the result is usually the opposite. However, it’s worth a try. You never know until you give it a shot, I guess.

9. You’re a geek

And if you’re wondering what I’m referring to when I say you’re a geek, you should already know. I know this seems crazy, but I also pay attention to music used. Plus, I’d watch so many films as well as all the awards and festivals to see the winners in every category of the films I watch. I listen to the score of a film like no other, and I know that there’s someone who does that too. It’s really wonderful how a score is put together. It’s an adaptation of our history and any period of time to make a film original. As a writer, artist, film buff, I’m proud that there are others who’re like me. Keep watching those films you like so much and don’t let anyone stop you.

10. What’s a genre?

If you’re a film buff, there probably isn’t a genre that doesn’t include a film you don’t like. You’ll never know what kinds of films interest you unless you try them out. For example, don’t say you hate thrillers if you haven’t really seen enough thrillers yet. Each genre is different and has a different meaning through categories of interest. Explore them!

11. Educational

Whether it’s learning from a film that was based on an adaptation of a novel, or real events of our time, we learn from them. Plus, you can even relate to them. When you watch films from different time periods, you can see just how advanced our cinematic documentation really has become, and you can always go back to it, like a time machine.

12. A way of life

Whether it’s to escape our reality for a few hours, or just to watch over and over again, count us in. We also like the feelings we start to experience after watching. Those feelings can be nostalgic or trigger our future ambitions. Whether or not these feelings are felt consistently after watching a film, you know you’ll find more in your life that’ll inspire you no matter what you do. It’s just how our inner film buff works.

People Sitting on Chair Watching a Show

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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14 thoughts on “The signs that you’re nothing but a film buff

  1. Is there such a thing as a demi-film-buff? Because most of these, I totally understood, but others (mostly the watching of award ceremonies), I’m like… “nah, thanks” 😂

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