What your favourite fast food place says about you

Everyone eats fast food, at least once a week. I myself not really, but if, I go for Dominos. In any case, that’s not really fast food, right? So, to mention the real ones, I say we get started before I get anyone too hungry. Or maybe you will be when you reach the end of this post πŸ˜‰

  1. Chick-Fil-A

You’re no stranger to controversy, but in the end it’s nothing but love. Sure this place is all about their chicken, but their sauce game is way more iconic. Telling people what your sauce of choice is reveals a lot about you, whether you like it or not. You have a sense of humour. And while you drink a rich milkshake with your meal, I do wonder about your grammar skills, since their name and tagline spellings won’t let you win the spelling bee contest.

2. Taco bell

You know a good bargain when you see it because what you get at this place is a steal. But sometimes it’s hard to remain brand loyal since they removed multiple things from their menu. You love dogs and sometimes underestimate yourself, like when you think you’ll have some leftovers for the next day, when in fact they’re gone by the end of the night.

3. McDonald’s

You don’t like having an ego or anyone else who does. Whether you’re a CEO or a college student bartending on the weekends, nothing will ever be more satisfying than inhaling anything from this fast food place at 2AM after a night out. You may not be a clown person, but you have a soft spot for theirs. You’re a good person, paying for all your friends’ orders just because you feel like it. You don’t get hung up on the haters judging you for getting anything from this placeΒ for lunch. And above all, you’re brand loyal.

Fries and Burger on Plate

4. Arby’s

If this place is your go-to, you might be having a midlife crisis. You’ve lived your life on the safe side and haven’t had a chance to venture out to try new things. You lack key personality traits, as the brand doesn’t really know how to define themselves. You often go a little off the deep end with everything that you do in real life.

5. In-N-Out

It’s not about the food, but a cultural moment. You like things that are overhyped, but it’s usually valid. You like simplicity which comes in handy with their basic menu. You love keeping a secret, but definitely spill the beans when you’re drunk. In anything you do, you always take it up a notch.

6. Popeyes

You don’t need to go to the south to have this place’s fried chicken. You’re all about the crisp and know that’s the best way to do it. You love to share your food with others and family-style is your go-to. Whenever you have a friend feeling down, you bring over a bucket of chicken because you know it’s the perfect way to lift them back up.

French Fries and Burgers

7. Wendy’s

You have a craving for quality fast food. You have a good head on your shoulders, knowing exactly what to say when you’re feeling overwhelmed. With so many choices on the menu, it’s understandable to freeze up when placing your order. You do embrace change.

8. Burger King

You feel like a King or Queen in everything you do. You may be vegetarian and you may live for nostalgia, because no matter how much they’ve evolved, the taste of their fries instantly takes you back to your childhood. You’re unique and original.

9. Boston Market

Maybe you went here once and now you feel a personal attachment to the brand. You’re all about family and home cooked meals, even when you don’t have time to do the cooking yourself. You don’t care about being relevant or keeping up with trends, and when you like something you stick to it. Easy as that.

Top View Photo Of Food

10. White Castle

Your opinion in taste is questionable, as there really isn’t a difference between getting the sliders at the drive-thru versus the frozen food aisle at your local supermarket. You love to try new things and are innovative for sure.

11. KFC

You’re an original tastemaker, and you don’t like to brag, but remain humble in all that you do. You may have a cowboy hat or boots in your closet. While you love a good burger, you prefer crispy chicken any day. And, you’re strategic by heart.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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