The signs that you’re a fan of something or someone

I’m fans of multiple things. 1917, Gotham, Shadowhunters, Stranger Things, Mortal Engines, The Umbrella Academy, to name a couple. I do show that I’m a fan by having a header or background photo on my phone, merchandise in my room or talking about a certain actor, but I’m not an obsessed fan that literally stalks people. A friend of mine is a little bit more obsessive when it comes to being a fan of something, so we teamed up to write this post!

  1. Background on phone and laptop

Most likely, is your phone background on either laptop, phone or both something that shows your obsession. In your busy life, you obviously need a constant reminder of the thing you love the most, the thing that gets you through life. With how much time you’re spending on your phone/laptop, why not make it your background so you can stare at it every day?

2. Merchandise

You’re not ashamed (okay, maybe a little) of the hundreds you’ve spent on merchandise related to the thing or person you’re a fan of. T-shirts, posters, concert tickets, books, films etc. You name it. There’s a collection of these things building up somewhere in your house or room, there’s no denying it.

3. Defend

You defend your obsessions like you’d defend a friend or family member. When this occurs? Mostly when the obsession is about a problematic celebrity, to which you often find yourself exploring their behaviour to people and apologise on their behalf. Because if they don’t say sorry, why not do it for them so people dislike them less?

Assorted-print Painting Lot

4. Room full

When in your teenage years, I bet you your room was filled with posters, pillows, you name it. Everything to show to your friends what you were a fan of. And to be the rebel teenager with emo phases (but with me, the phase never left. It wasn’t even a phase, it’s a lifestyle at this point).

5. Attention to talks or news

If you hear people, or the news, talking about your obsession, you immediately start paying attention. If they’re being critical, you want to jump in and take over, because they obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. And that’s the worst thing that can happen.

6. You’re annoying people

Your friends and family get tired of hearing about it. You like to hit them with those 3am text messages when you’re still busy with your obsession and can’t sleep because of it. It could be new theories, opinions, it doesn’t matter what. Sometimes they feed onto it, but other times, they ignore you completely. Friends who have the same obsession? A must.

Light Inside Library

7. It’s your life

Your obsession takes over most aspects of your life, but you literally wouldn’t have it any other way. Because when it comes down to it, you love what you love. Nobody can or will change that. So be over the top and be a fan, let your heart out and enjoy! You’ve only got one life to do so!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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