Benefits and disadvantages of coffee

Coffee, I myself don’t drink it, but know it’s an important source for given energy by something we drink. How often don’t I hear from people that they’re quite moody without having their morning coffee. Well, I decided to write an article about the benefits and disadvantages of coffee. So, if you drink this, this is definitely a post worth reading for you!


  1. Boost for physical performance

Have a cup of black coffee about an hour before workout can improve your performance by 11-12%. Caffeine increases the adrenaline levels in your blood. Adrenaline is your body’s ‘fight or flight’ hormone which helps you to prepare for physical actions.

2. May lose weight

Coffee contains magnesium and potassium, which helps the human body use insulin, regulate blood sugar levels and reduce your craving for sugary treats and snacks. 

3. Burn fat

Caffeine helps the fat cells to break down the body fat and use it as fuel for training.

4. For focus and staying alert

1-6 cups of coffee a day helps you to focus and improves your mental alertness.

5. Lowers risk of death

Studies have shown that those who drink coffee, have an overall risk of premature death 25% lower than of those who don’t drink coffee.

Person Performing Coffee Art

6. May reduce risks of cancers

One study has shown that coffee may decrease the risk of developing prostate cancer in men by 20 %, and endometrial cancer in women by 25 %. People in the test group drank 4 cups of coffee a day. Caffeine may also prevent developing basal cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer.

7. Reduces risk of stroke

Reasonable consumption of coffee (2–4 cups a day) is associated with lower risk of stroke.

8. Reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease

Studies have shown that regular coffee drinking decreases risk of Parkinson’s disease by 25 %. There’s evidence that coffee causes activity in the part of the brain affected by Parkinson’s and thereby takes the risk away of developing it.

9. It protects your body

Coffee contains lots of antioxidants. They work as little warriors as they fight against free radicals within your body.

10. May lower risk of Type 2 diabetes

Caffeine decreases your insulin sensitivity and impairs glucose tolerance, therefore reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Person Filling Clear Glass Mug With Coffee

11. It protects your brain

High caffeine levels in your blood reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease. It also lowers risk of dementia.

12. Brightens the mood, fights depression and lowers risk of suicide

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and boosts production of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. 2 cups of coffee a day prevents risk of suicide by 50 %.


  1. It can be toxic

Bad quality coffee can have lots of impurities in it, which may cause sickness, headaches or a general bad feeling. This can happen if your coffee is made from beans that have been over ripped or otherwise ruined. Even one ruined bean can make your cup toxic.

2. It can kill you

If you drink 80-100 cups (23 litres) in a short session. This dose is lethal and will amount in 10-13 grams of caffeine within your body.

3. May cause insomnia and restlessness

Your recommended maximum amount of caffeine is 400 milligrams, roughly the amount that you’ll get from 4 cups of coffee. If you’re caffeine-sensitive, be careful with coffee.

Machine Filling Coffee

4. Pregnant and coffee

If you drink coffee when pregnant, caffeine will also reach the fetus, and your baby is highly sensitive to caffeine. So, if you’re a heavyweight coffee drinker and can’t stop while pregnant, at least reduce your coffee intake to one cup a day.

5. High cholesterol

Coffee beans contain cafestol and kahweol, two ingredients that appear to raise LDL cholesterol levels.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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