My book is now an eBook too!

As many people requested, my book is now also available as an eBook in the Kindle store of Amazon! It’s also still purchasable as a paperback at the same website and at I sold 7 paperback copies so far (4 on and 3 on but there’s always room for more 😉 So, if you couldn’t afford a paperback and were looking for an eBook, I hope I’ve fulfilled your wish now!

The prices vary because of the different marketplaces it’s sold on, via Amazon. When you go to the Amazon of your country and you type in ‘Raven’s Phoenix Skye Lewis’, you’ll find both the paperback and eBook ready for purchase! An eBook will be directly delivered to you, ready to read, whereas the paperback takes a week (or two) before it gets send out and delivered after completing your payment.

The ones who buy my book and tag me with it on social media (Twitter or Instagram) will receive a special gift! I’ve send out the first three ones today to thank the ones who bought a paperback copy. I hope that the eBook will sell a bit better (seeing as it’s less expensive than a paperback) and people nowadays have easier access to an eReader/digital content. In any case: enjoy reading my book and I can’t wait to hear any comments!

And yes, to clarify: this is part 1 of a trilogy!

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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