What the colour of your wardrobe says about your personality

We all have clothes hanging in our wardrobe, for both winter and summer purposes. That includes colours. Some have multiple colours, others (like me) only one they consider the most beautiful colour there is. In any case, the colour you find most in your wardrobe is the one that dominates your personality. And when we look further into that, we’ll discover the following!

  1. White clothes

Does your cabinet mainly consist of white clothing? Then you’re naturally neat, organised and you come across as sympathetic. There’s also a good chance that your style is very timeless and classic, because white is actually always on trend.

2. Purple clothes

Is purple your colour? Then you’re a creative person and you’re also very spiritually inclined. You prefer to find good solutions. Secretly, you’re also quite a bit of a luxury person and you can really appreciate beautiful quality clothing.

3. Green clothes

Green is a bold, yet calming colour, making you appear calm and friendly, yet innovative. Chances are that you, therefore, have many friends around you. You’re also very creative.

4. Blue clothes

If you love blue, you’re very intelligent and you have a reliable appearance. You have a positive attitude towards life and you have an open image, so that everyone comes to you with problems – whether you like it or not.

Different apparel on stand in clothing shop

5. Pink clothes

Does pink clothing make you very happy? Then your feminine side is highly developed and you often feel confident. You have a heart of gold. You come across as sweet, but people should certainly not underestimate the ‘boss’ in you.

6. Grey clothing

You’re like Switzerland; neutral and you don’t really like to be in the spotlight. Quarrels, drama and misery aren’t your thing. And your preference for grey certainly doesn’t mean that you’re not stylish – because grey clothing is trendier than ever.

7. Red clothing

Is red your colour? Then you’re confident and like to be the center of attention. You pay the necessary attention to your appearance and you certainly have your word ready. And there’s a good chance that men and women will be in line for you.

8. Black clothing

Black represents elegance. It’s not without reason that people massively pull out this colour on a first date. You also radiate strength. You can seem somewhat distant to others – but hey – at least you look stylish in your black clothing.

Folded Assorted-color Shirts

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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