Ask and I’ll tell tag: the white questions

Every 2 days, I’ll answer some questions from the ‘Ask and I’ll tell tag’. It has 6 colours in total, so I figured it’d be more fun to split them in 6 articles divided over the course of two weeks. It has questions that ask about your future, your past and your current life. I say we dive right in and start answering some white questions!

  1. With who would you love to sing a duet?

Pierre Bouvier. He’s the lead singer of Simple Plane and I’ve been a fan of them since I was only five years old. His voice is amazing and I know all their songs by heart. Also, whenever I sing along, I weirdly enough feel like our voices go really well together. So, I’d love to sing a duet with him.

2. Say you were the CEO of a certain company for a day, which company would it be?

I’d love to be the CEO of Sony, so I can make sure they won’t make any other fatal system updates as they did last year to the PS4 when the PS5 came out. I know that’s quite the responsibility and maybe not entirely fair towards them, but it does sound fun to me.

3. Which country will you pick when you have to emigrate?

England, no other country will be my home. It has been my home for many years and will always be my home. Nothing will ever come between me and my beloved England. If I could, I’d go back there right now.

London Cityscape

4. Who knows you best, out of everyone?

Well, my mum, obviously. I’ve always lived at home for as long as I live, and she literally knows almost everything about me. The things she doesn’t know about, are the things my gay best friend know and my other three best friends. So, I’d say those four.

5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

To never give up, to always continue chasing after your dreams. To not listen to any negativity someone sells you when they try to bring you down or change your mind. What matters is what you want in life, seeing as it’s your life to live. And anyone who has an opinion about that, can go f*** themselves.

6. You’ve got time to pick up two old hobbies, which two will it be?

Playing the guitar (meaning I’d have to buy a new one) and theatre sports. I did that for 2 years but had to stop due to some unforeseen circumstances. I’d love to go back in the theatre world and act on stage. I do miss being surrounded by my friends and colleagues to do so.

Person Playing Brown Guitar

7. Which day do you look forward to the most in a year?

Halloween. It’s definitely my favourite ‘holiday.’ I get to dress up, use fake blood and decorate my home with creepy stuff. I love horror, so you bet the entire day will be spend with playing horror games and watching horror films, though none of those affect me. It’s still fun to play and watch such things on a day like Halloween.

8. You win a million dollars, what will you do with it?

Pay off any debts, book a vacation, treat my family and give most to charity. Sure, I’d keep some of it behind for any unforeseen circumstances, but other than that, I don’t even like money. I believe it makes you rather unhappy than happy. And if I can make others happy who need it more than I do, then that’s all I need to know in order to give my money away.

9. What can you be jealous of?

People who sell books for the first time, and get multiple orders from friends who actually buy it. I see that often. And I remember when I published my first book, my friends said they’d buy it. And they never did. So, I get easily jealous when others do sell tons to friends and I don’t. And same goes for streaming. I get slightly jealous when I see friends having tons of viewers, mostly friends, who join. Whereas I have only one, maybe two watching.

Two Jack O'lantern Lamps

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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