What your favourite type of video game says about you

I love playing video games, as my readers know by now. I play many different kinds of games: first person shooter games, storydriven games, horror games etc. The game genres are endless. But, there are multiple famously known games out there that apparently say a lot about the person liking them. So, why not jump in and see what your favourite game says about you?

1. Call of Duty -> Masculine

Call of Duty players are known for their bravado and traits typically associated with masculinity: they use the biggest and flashiest weapons, and intimidate their opponents via voice chat. They sometimes even intimidate their own teammates. And sure, 93% of players is male, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some females out there (like me) who feel very masculine whilst playing this game.

2. Fortnite -> Impulsive

Fortnite fans tend to be more impulsive. Mainly because of the ‘just one more game’ mentality. When a player loses a match, it’s often just barely. It’s enough to keep people playing again, and again, and again, until finally, they are victorious. And that health bar showing you weren’t too far away from winning? That’s both motivating and demotivating.

3. The Sims -> Controlling

Whether the player is helping their Sim get promoted and maintain a social life, or building walls around their swimming pool and taking away the ladder, the lives of these digital people rest in the players’ hands. Like other simulation games, it takes a real Type-A personality to exceed in these games, as everything has to be perfectly tailored to the creator’s desires. The Sims is a game where you can play as God, so it’s no surprise that it’s attractive to people seeking control.

4. Grand Theft Auto -> Aggressive

Studies show that video games aren’t the cause of real-life violence, but they can still have psychological impacts. Fans of Grand Theft Auto can be more aggressive and risk-taking when compared to their peers. This is not surprising, as it definitely takes guts to steal police cars and rob convenience stores. Players receive an evaluation upon the completion of GTA V, which details the played time, kill count and even strip club visits.

5. Portal -> Persistent

As fans of the puzzle game Portal learn brilliant physics lessons, they must persevere through problem-solving challenges that reward their persistence. The players also have increased spatial recognition and problem-solving skills, which helps them understand the actual science behind the solutions.

6. Madden -> In it to win it

Madden, FIFA, NBA, and other sports games are often the favourites of confident and competitive personalities, since sports are all about competition. These fans know all the intricacies and strategies and are able to organise the best team in order to get the job done. These games are also beneficial to adolescents, who are more likely to participate in real sports after playing sports video games.

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7. Doki Doki Literature Club -> Agency

Each agent, or person, is a full-self owner, meaning they’re fully in control of their actions. Fans of Doki Doki Literature Club go through the game and experience the illusion of choice; nothing they choose actually affects the ending, and they’re forced to sit through a series of traumatic events until the disturbing finale. When the player chooses to continue the game in order to save the lives of these girls, they’re taking their agency back. By doing so, they prove their self-ownership by denouncing the events pre-determined for them and thereby reinforce the importance of free will.

8. Resident Evil -> Live vicariously

Resident Evil players know what they’re in for when they start the game: a mysterious story, terrifying monsters and satisfying puzzles. Fans of RE-games are thrill-seekers who live to experience the intense emotions accompanied by fear. Their enjoyment can also be explained by the idea that after a player experiences an emotional rush (like fear), it translates into pleasurable feelings (like relief).

9. Uncharted -> Social butterfly

Fans who enjoy Uncharted (ME ME ME) and other action games are often quite extroverted. This may sound counterintuitive because of the single-player gameplay, but these extroverts crave exciting, active stimuli that the game has to offer. The beautiful settings and fast-paced action are perfect for those who want constant action in both their games and lives.

10. World of Warcraft -> Dedicated to a fault

MMORPGs like WoW are known for their dedicated fans. That dedication can be their downfall: with billion hours in of gameplay, players can spend hour upon hour grinding for that epic mount or a mountain of gold, not stopping until they get their loot. With every new expansion, there’s always a new level cap, new gear and new quests. Due to the teamwork-heavy and social nature of the game, this often means that players are also highly social and agreeable.

11. Civilization -> Future world leaders

Fans of this game are more than just history buffs; rather, these gamers are excellent planners and strategists. They utilise their cunning in order to outsmart their opponents and destroy their enemies. Their need to win makes it easy to place the blame on factors out of their control. Despite their not-so-graceful defeats, Civ players are still some of the quickest minds in gaming.

12. Final Fantasy -> Motivated dreamers

With its beautiful art style, romantic characters and calming music, it’s no wonder that Final Fantasy fans are dreamers. These games offer the player several ways to accomplish a task and don’t always require linear play. Players can complete side quests, jump straight into the main quest, or just explore for as long as their hearts desire. Regardless of the different play styles, these fans aren’t afraid to fully immerse themselves in the game and escape reality for a while.

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Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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