What your favourite fruit says about you

We all eat fruit to stay healthy, to get the proteins we need and because most people do love eating it. We all have that one piece of fruit that we prefer to eat throughout the seasons, or multiple ones that depend on which season it is. Regardless, today you’ll find out what your favourite fruit says about you!

1. Apple

You’re an extrovert enjoying the exuberance of life. You’re extravagant, impulsive and outspoken, with a bit of a temper in your actions. However, you’re still a pretty good leader and are good at leading ahead. You’re capable of taking prompt actions in most situations. Your charisma and verve in love will excite your partner indulgently. Your enthusiasm for life is matchless.

2. Banana

You’re quite the softie, but you’re very loving, gentle, warm and sympathetic. Literally to everyone around you. You may find yourself lacking in self-confidence and quite timid in nature. Which makes it easier for them to take advantage of your good nature, which makes you vulnerable. You’ll adore your partner in every way possible, enjoying a harmonious relationship.

3. Grape

You’re a polite and good-natured person in general, but there are things that cool you down just as quickly. You enjoy beauty in all its manifestations. You’re a lover of beauty in human forms, being sociable and having a nature warmth over you. It endears others to you and you’re popular in any group. You’re fully indulgent in the finer aspects of life as you enjoy everything in your life and work. You enjoy your style of dressing and your way of life. It’d be ideal if your partner also shares this kind of enthusiasm in your life.

4. Cherry

Life isn’t always as sweet for you. You often face ups and downs, particularly professionally. You hate the fact that you don’t make as much money as you wanted to. You’ve got a fertile imagination, often involved in creative pursuits. You’re a very sincere and loyal partner, but find it hard to express your feelings. Your home is your haven, and you prefer being surrounded by close family and your beloved partner.

5. Coconut

You’re a serious, very thoughtful and contemplative person. You enjoy socialising, but are very picky on the company you keep. You tend to be stubborn, but not foolhardy. You’re quick-witted and alert, ensuring you’re right on top of any given scenario, especially at your work. You need a partner with brains. Passion may be important to others, but it doesn’t mean everything to you.

6. Custard apple

You’re a modest and quiet person, but conservative in values and approach to life. You’re sensitive at times, thoughtful and rarely impulsive or rash in your decisions and actions. You’re quite ambitious in nature and work hard to achieve your heart’s desire. You’re good at anything that requires detailing or working with numbers. You’re quick at finding fault with others, which may create strained relations. You’d be comfortable with a partner with brains rather than one with looks or passion. You may not be comfortable enough in expressing your affection towards your partner though.

Sliced Fruits on Tray

7. Mango

You’re a person to be reckoned with, endowed with the faculty to have your own vision and views. You’re often found to be a hard nut to crack. As you’re led by your own observations and analytical reasoning, influencing you may tend to be an extremist with strong likes and dislikes. You may even take control of a situation. At times, you might find yourself involved in something mentally challenging. Though strong and resolute, you’re like a kitten when you’re together with your partner.

8. Orange

It speaks of a person who has enduring patience and willpower. You like to do things slowly but very thoroughly; completely undaunted by hard work. You tend to be shy, but are a reliable and trustworthy friend. You’ve got an aesthetic bent of mind, selecting your partner with care and thought. You love with all your heart and aren’t in it for just a fling. You avoid conflict at all costs.

9. Peach

You enjoy life, being a friendly sort, quite frank and outspoken. It adds luster to your charm. As you’re a good friend, you’re quick to forgive and forget and value your friendships highly. You’re bold and active, have independent and ambitious streaks in you that makes you a real go-getter. You’re a great lover, fiery and passionate, sincere and faithful in love. But you don’t like to express your love in its real passion in public.

10. Pineapple

You’re quick to decide and even quicker to act. You’re brave in making career changes, if that’s what’s to your advantage. You’ve got exceptional organising abilities, undaunted by the size of the task at hand. You tend to be self reliant, sincere and honest in your dealings with others. Though, you’re not given to making friends very quickly. But once you do, it’s for life. You rarely make romantic overtures. Your partner is often impressed with your qualities, but disappointed in your ability to show affection.

11. Papaya

You’re fearless and take what happens in life. You give considerable thoughts to the things you do and got a sense of humour that, along with your generous nature, keeps you in most people’s good books. You’re a go-getter in your professional life and have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. You enjoy meeting new people and seeing new sights whenever you can. Your sense of humour is what attracts people to you.

12. Pear

If you put your mind to something, you can do it successfully. But have trouble completing a task with the enthusiasm you started it with. You need to know the results of your efforts almost immediately. You enjoy mental stimulation and love to get into a good discussion. You tend to be restless, easily excitable. While you’re quick to strike up a friendship with someone, maintaining it doesn’t seem to be easy for you.

Blue Berries Close Up Photography

13. Watermelon

You’re a true social butterfly. Everyone wants to take a selfie with you. Your optimistic approach towards life and vivacious nature results in you being present at all important occasions of your near and dear ones. You’ve got your own peculiar sense of judging people and treat everyone with respect. You value friendship above everything else.

14. Blueberry

Nobody’s blue when you’re around. Your humor is one of your strongest traits, and you often leave people gasping for air after you land your punchline. But, don’t rely too much on your great sense of humor, your smarts are great too.

15. Strawberry

Aren’t you just the sweetest? You’ve got killer manners and are always polite. You never forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and the idea of you not holding the door for the person behind you gives you severe anxiety. Even if the person behind you is still a bit too far that they have to do that half-walk, half-run to make it. It’s the thought that counts.

16. Raspberry

You’re a bit of a daredevil. You constantly run the risk of not being able to find your favourite flavour of ice cream or candy. Plus, with a shorter season than a lot of other fruits, you might struggle to fulfil your craving for your fave fruit. You’re persistent. You don’t mind going against the grain or walking to the beat of your own drum.

17. Kiwi

You’re more of the elusive type. You might get an invite to the party, but your friends never know if you’ll actually show. However, when you do show up, you can bet you’re chock-full of interesting stories to tell.

18. Grapefruit

Move over, we’ve got a power player in town as you make power moves. You know what you want, and you go for it. A little tart, a little sweet, but pretty awesome on the inside. You’re an asset to any team you join, but aren’t afraid to take charge when needed.

Photo of Sliced Kiwi, Lemon, and Orange Fruits

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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20 thoughts on “What your favourite fruit says about you

  1. I love papayas and pears. I think I have some of the qualities you wrote about the fruits but its not to a noticeable degree. However my absolute favourite is lychee and its not in the list. I wonder what you have to say about the lychee people. Very curious.

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