The things that annoy me while being tall

I’m very tall (5’11 which is 180 cm). You often hear that short people have their issues, which they do, but so do tall people. And so today, I’ll share the things that annoy me while being tall. And if you’re tall too: welcome to the club!

1. Roller coasters, aeroplanes, busses, cars, school desks

I always have trouble finding a comfortable way to sit in any of the previous named vehicles or attractions. I never know where to put my legs and when I do, they practically always end up in my neck. And if you need to have any safety bar below, your knees are always in the way and it hurts. The second you step out/come out of such things, your legs feel like they’re sleeping and you can barely walk as they feel stiff.

2. Lying in the car while driving

Your chair is all the way back towards the backseat, your arms stretched towards the steering wheel and you could practically take a nap in your car seat. And while some people think you can’t see anything while lying in your car like that, you can actually see crystal clear because you’re still tall.

3. Low sinks

You’re washing your hands and your jeans leans against the sink, leaving a nice line of wetness on your jeans. Not only that, but you can’t look in the mirror as you’re mostly too tall to see your whole face and body.

4. Low kitchen counters

You’re cutting vegetables, bending your back, and when you come back up, you realise your back isn’t that young anymore and everything in your tall body hurts. It just makes cooking less fun. Even more so when you also need to do the dishes afterwards.

5. Grab stuff for people

In the supermarket, in your own house (because your tall) or in other people’s own homes: they always ask you to hang things, to decorate the room for birthdays and to take stuff of the top shelf. Sure, the giant over here will give you everything you need when you can’t reach it yourself.

Photograph of a Kitchen Counter

6. Big feet/clothing trouble

Jeans are either too long or short, but that basically goes for any type of clothing a human wears. And when shopping online, you can just never be sure if it’ll fit you. Oh, and when it comes to shoes: sneakers only. No other shoes that fit you. Or well, men’s shoes. That size fits all.

7. Cold feet during the night

Because let’s face it: your blanket is never and I repeat never long enough to cover your entire body and your feet. People find it weird when people wear socks in bed. Well, tall people don’t really have a choice if they don’t want to sleep with cold feet during the winter.

8. Small people always want to stand in front of you during concerts

You finally found the perfect spot to look at the band performing, when a smaller person taps you on the shoulder and asks if you can switch places. I mean, do I have to? We all just want a good view. And no offense, but your friend is taller than I am, so he better not block me… Okay he does. Great. Thanks.

9. Taking photos

You always have to be the one taking the photo because you’ve got the longest arms, or are the ones having to stand in the back and risk getting cut off because you’re too tall to fit as a cover photo on any social media account. Why does it have to be so hard to show you’ve got friends?

10. Do you play basketball?

No! I don’t! I did, but I no longer do. Please stop asking me such questions. Not every tall person wants to play basketball.

Black Basketball Hoop

11. Monkey bars

Want to show your friends you can still use those in the park near your home? Well, you can’t try. You can just walk on the ground while holding the bars. Yeah, being tall doesn’t really work on kids’ playgrounds.

12. Hide and seek

It’s really impossible to play hide and seek. I mean, you practically stick out of literally anything. You’re better in finding than hiding. So reversing the roles might work in your favour.

13. Dressing rooms

They’re always showing your head sticking out at the top when you’re trying on new clothes. Yeah, hi, don’t mind my red cheeks as I’m trying to wear these jeans that are way too short and tight for me seeing as the large sizes were all out of stock.

14. You walk fast

You’re long, so you take big steps, whereas the smaller people you’re with have to practically run to keep up with you. And you can try to walk slow, but that just looks really weird with your long legs. So sorry little one, but you better run!

15. Stretched legs

Everyone always trips over your legs as you’ve got them stretched out in class, at a party or at work. Yeah, you can’t help it, the desk is too small for you. And where else should you put your legs? On the table? That looks much weirder, trust me.

Person Lying on Bed Covering White Blanket

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis

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