Community Q&A through Twitter

I asked my friends on Twitter, all part of our wonderful community, to ask me some questions for a Q&A I recorded. But, I figured that not everyone is able to watch such videos due to audio issues or other problems. So, I decided to write my answers down as well! So, let’s go!

1. Question asked by Hanna: Which Telltale game is your most favourite?

Batman Telltale is definitely my favourite Telltale game. Specifically season 2 because then we get more of the Joker and I love the Joker. But I just love the way they made the story from season 1 evolve into season 2. Like I said with more Joker and other villains we know from the comics and even from Gotham. So Batman season 2 from Telltale is definitely my favourite and season 1 would be my second.

2. Question asked by Hanna: How did you find the ConnorArmy/DechartGames community?

I discovered them because a friend of mine said that there would be a new game called Detroit: Become Human. I searched online and actually found Bryan and Amelia playing this game for the very first time. I didn’t have any money back then, so I wasn’t a subscriber from the start but I have been there since the beginning. I have watched their first playthrough and I never left. I actually stumbled upon them by accident because my friend mentioned the game and I searched for people who played in it. It was Bryan and then I found their channel. But it was actually a coincidence and I have my best friend to thank for, for him telling me that the game exists. Thanks to him, I’m here.

3. Question asked by Indre: Would you like to be in an old castle, if you knew that there are ghosts and some spooky things happening?

Yes, I would. Honestly I’ve actually been so interested in this subject, that I’d definitely go to any haunted places, to see if there are really ghosts. I’d want to experience it for myself. I have had some experiences I think, but I definitely would want to know if there are ghosts. And if there are, I’d definitely want to go there and discover it for myself because I’m that crazy. I just love horror and paranormal things, I’m really interested in it. So I would definitely go to such castle. I would even sleep there, take those devices they have; K2, Rem Pod etc. I’d definitely try to contact them. But I’d take a professional with me, just so I don’t attract any demons or something. Because that’s not what you want to happen. But yes, I would go to such castle. And I would definitely stay the night.

4. Question asked by Lucca: What’s your opinion on spiders?

I don’t mind spiders as much, I’m not afraid of them. I’d just grab them and put them somewhere else. But my mum is actually afraid of them. So every time there’s a spider, she asks me to kill it. I also have some friends who are afraid of spiders. I remember when we went on vacation one time, there was a spider in the room and my friend wanted me to kill it. Otherwise I don’t mind them, they eat the bugs I don’t like. They don’t do much. I don’t like them walking over me though. I was sitting in the car one day and there was a spider casually walking over my arm. And I didn’t like that so I got it off me. That’s where I draw the line. I’m fine with them walking the walls, hanging in the corner, just chilling. It’s fine, I won’t kill you. But when they’re walking over my arm, then it’s a no-go. Like I said, I’m not scared of them, but I don’t necessarily want a spider walking over my skin. No, thank you.

Man Using Parachute

5. Question asked by Marit: What’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but have been too scared to?

Actually I’m not really scared. Now you’re gonna be like: you’re definitely scared of something. I am, but not when it comes to such things. Because I really wanna go bungee jumping, parachuting, paragliding. I wanna do anything extreme. I’d climb a mountain if I could, I’d go to a volcano if I could. I’d do everything people are kind of scared to do. But the only problem I have is the money. Because I don’t have the money for it. And I don’t have people who’re crazy enough to do it with me. Because I don’t wanna do it alone, I wanna create memories with people. So I haven’t been scared to do something. It’s just the money, the time and Covid mostly.

6. Question asked by Hanna: What other Detroit Become Human cast you want to meet?

I think you mean because I already met Bryan and Amelia, which other members I’d meet? Neil. I mean, I didn’t meet him because I already left MCM when he, Matt and Kristopher came. I kind of already met Neil with the community call we did, but I’d definitely want to meet those three. Their characters are amazing. But to be fair, I’d definitely wanna meet Neil. I wanna see how tall he is, because everyone keeps talking about how tall he is. I’m tall, I’m 5’11, but he’s taller than I am. I just wanna experience it for myself, how big the height difference is. I wanna know if he’s a giant compared to me or if it’s kinda okay. And Kristopher and Matt are definitely the second ones I’d want to meet.

7. Question asked by Lisa: What’s on your bucket list?

I kinda already said that, because it’s those extreme things I’d like to do. Bungee jumping, climbing a mountain, that sorta thing. But I also would love to ride a motorcycle, and get my official motorcycle license. I’ve already ridden a motorcycle once, but I was the backseat driver. I was able to do a little bit of riding, but not that much. I’d love to do that officially. I’d also love to drive in a real tank. Not for war purposes, just for fun. I’d visit a volcano and definitely go to most countries I want to visit. See the pyramids, and all seven world wonders. There are so many things I have on my bucket list, way too much. I have a long list.

8. Question asked by Dillon: What’s your favourite country you haven’t visited and would love to?

Ireland. I don’t have to think about that, it’s definitely Ireland. Then again, it’s also kind of Scotland. I can’t choose. I mean, I always said that Ireland would be my second country of English native speaking countries I’d go to. So Ireland is definitely my second and Scotland is my third. I haven’t been to neither of those yet. Covid cancelled my plans to go to Ireland. But I have plans to go to Ireland and I already know what I want to see and visit. Same goes for Scotland, because we wanna go through the Route 66 they have there.

Man Wearing Headphones

9. Question asked by Marit: What’s the one item you can’t live without?

I think my headphones. I’m a sucker for music, I’m addicted to it. I can’t live a day without listening to music. It’s why I always have my headphones around my neck. So the second I wanna listen to some music, I can just put them on and close myself off the world. Because you said item, I’d have to pick my headphones. But if you hadn’t specifically said an item, I would’ve chosen my cat, because I can’t live without my cat. But my cat isn’t an item, it’s a living being. So seeing as you asked me which item I couldn’t live without, it’s definitely my headphones, my dearest possession. I’m grumpy and moody when I can’t listen to music.

10. Question asked by Hanna: Your opinions on Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain?

Well Detroit: Become Human is definitely a game that tells us that there are so many more species out there we don’t know of (or can come up with, with technology). It’s important that we treat everyone the same. There’s nothing that makes another species more human or less human than others. But there were some things I’m not really agreeing with. I’m not gonna go too deep into that, because I don’t want to start a fight. But there are some things I disagree with. Beyond: Two Souls was really well-done. It kind of reminded me of The Umbrella Academy. Elliot, who plays Jodie, also plays Vanya and they both have similarities. But they were produced after each other. It was really informative and really fun to play, because you’re playing as two characters. I enjoyed playing an entity and human. As for Heavy Rain, I like the game. But I think for some people, the things he had to do to save his son, were kind of cruel. Like chopping off your finger, going through electricity. It was just a little bit too much I think. But I liked the game. It was well-written and you just want to save him.

11. Question asked by Hanna: When did you start playing video games?

I started playing video games when I was three years old. It was the first time I crawled behind the computer and found a video game on the internet. It was an earlier version of Mario, really low-key, simple. But it was the first time I played a video game. The real video games I played, on a console, is the earlier version of the Game Boy I got when I was about six years old. But I go way back. The very first video game I played was when I was three years old on a computer. And then a couple years later I got my Game Boy and it improved from there.

12. Question asked by Marit: Do you have any tattoos?

Not yet. I make them myself with a special tattoo liner. Because I want to test what certain tattoos look like on my skin. I’ve got six planned and will take my first one when I’m 25. So I don’t have them yet, but I’m getting them for sure. Sometimes, when I draw them on my own skin and people see it they’re like: ‘do you have a tattoo?’ I can’t help myself but be like: ‘yes, I do. I have a tattoo.’ And they’re like: ‘really?’ And I’m like: ‘no, I draw them on myself.’ But it’s just fun, because it means they look real. So, if I’d never take a real tattoo, I could just keep drawing them. People would believe it’s a real one. It would save money I guess, if you just draw them on yourself. But then again, I’d love to have a real one. So not yet, zero for now. But there soon will be a couple.

Tower Bridge

13. Question asked by Marit: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

London. I miss my London, I miss my country, I miss my England. I miss living there, being there. So my answer is quick, short, predictable I think. But it’s where I want to live, in London. My favourite country, the country I belong, the country that’s my home. And will always be my home.

14. Question by Lucca: Would you ever visit Australia?

Yes, Australia is on my list. The first countries I want to visit are Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand. Those five are the first countries I want to visit when I can. So Australia is definitely on my list, for a long time actually. Because I wanna see the wild life. But that’s not the only thing as I want to see so much more. And I love Australia. I’ll definitely visit it because there are so many friends who live there, same as in Ireland and Scotland. I just wanna meet people.

15. Question asked by Lorena: What got you into art & writing?

Well art, not much. I’m not really good at art. From a young age, I was always told that I suck at art. Every drawing I made was just thrown in the trash, low grades. I don’t wanna talk about that. But I started writing when I was ten years old. I just got behind my computer, had an idea in mind, started writing. And before I knew, I had hundreds of pages filled with a story. That’s where my first five books came from. I just typed away and wanted to get these ideas out of my head. So I was ten years old when I started writing professionally. Art, I started doing that again because of the DechartGames community. I guess I’ll have to say real art when I was twenty. Easy art, I think twelve. I don’t know, I’m not artistic. I’m a writer by heart and that’s my profession.

16. Question asked by Hanna: If you could go to any state in the US, where would you go?

Honestly I never want to go to America. It’s the only country I don’t necessarily want to go to. But if I had to choose, I’d go to Texas. I love the accent and would love to wear one of those cowboy hats. It sounds fun to go to Texas. I think people would preferably choose New York or other states, but I’d love to go to Texas. Also because there are two celebrities I know that are from Texas.

White Sydney Opera House

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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