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How to do push-ups? I’ll teach you!

Starters, even professionals, still struggle with push-ups. I myself do too, it doesn’t always go perfect. But yes, I can do them, sometimes 20, sometimes more or less. It depends. But, it’s not what today’s article means. Today, I’ll help you to learn how to do this without injuring yourself!

Start position

  1. Start with your knees on the ground. Put your hands on the floor in front of you about shoulder width apart. Your fingers point forward.
  2. Your feet are stretched out and placed next to each other. The closer your feet are together, the better you can build tension in your back and buttocks.
  3. Check the position of your upper body. Your hands and chest should form a line. Your arms should be vertical. If not, push your upper body slightly forward.
  4. Your body should form a straight line throughout the exercise. Tighten your whole body and keep it that way; especially your stomach, back and buttocks!
Man Doing Push Ups

Execution exercise

  1. Slowly bend your arms, pull your shoulders back and bring your chest to the floor in a controlled manner. Your elbows point slightly back.
  2. Inhale as you descend.
  3. Head in line with your spine.
  4. Go as deep as you can keep the tension in your body.
  5. At the lowest point, you push yourself back up in a controlled manner.
  6. Exhale.
Man in Black Tank Top With Tattoo on His Back

Mistakes and how to prevent them: tips & tricks

  1. One common evasive move is protruding elbows. Elbows that are at shoulder height. Protruding shoulders often cause your shoulders to pull forward, which can cause pain in your hand, elbows and shoulder joint. My tip: Move your elbows towards your torso as if you want to squeeze something. Tighten your buttocks. Place your palms on the floor. Your fingers should still point forward.
  2. Fingertips that are pointing too far out and hands that are turned out are often related to limited mobility in your shoulder or wrist. As with squats, you try to get deeper by turning outwards. Inward turned palms are often the result of incorrect information. Just like your elbows at shoulder height, T shape, 90 degree angle. My tip: To avoid pain and injury, your elbows should always point towards your upper body. Your fingertips should point forward or slightly outward. Put the palm of your hand on the floor and maintain this tension.
  3. Anyone who forgets to pay attention to body tension during push-ups will soon get a hollow back, arched back or push their head back into their neck. My tip: Remember, your body must form a line. Your head is an extension of your spine. Your gaze is down. Put your feet close together, tighten your glutes, and pull your belly button toward your spine. Before each rep, check your posture until you master it perfectly.
  4. Faster down than up? Whoever drops during a push-up not only does the exercise not well, but also reduces the levels of potential. The downward movement has a major influence on the training result.
  5. Mini push-ups don’t bring you to the desired level. Always try to train fully, only then can you be sure that you’re training all muscles evenly. The greater your range of motion, the more muscle fibers are used.
Woman Doing Push-Ups

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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