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Cusp sign dates and definitions in terms of personality

A cusp sign is someone who’s born toward the end of a zodiac sign. That means ‘on the cusp’, between your Sun sign and the one that follows it. It can leave you feeling slightly unheard when you read your horoscope each month. A reader requested to write an article about cusps, so this article is for you Liz!

1. Capricorn & Aquarius dates: January 16 – 22

Your private life is what matters most. Inner fantasies, waking dreams, it’s what excites your creative soul. You might feel somewhat disappointed with real life at times. The dreariness of our shared reality can feel constricting and dull, causing for this cusp to feel that life is lacking. It might affect your personal relationships in a negative way. But, your creative personality flows from within. You’re a great communicator. You love lively and intellectual discussions and are emotional and creative. Though, you do crave context and admire logic and reasoning. You’re driven and competitive. You do feel a strong need for security, and long for freedom. You love learning, but can be easily overwhelmed by life’s challenges. You can be kind of critical too.

2. Aquarius & Pisces dates: February 15 – 21

You’re loved for your compassionate, understand and tolerant traits. Though, you tend to have more extroverted personalities than you might imagine with such a sensitive soul. Being around people can rejuvenate you, give you a sense of purpose and relieve stress. Though, you often feel a sense of isolation, the feeling of being misunderstood. You’re goal-oriented, and a major procrastinator. You don’t have ‘time’ to organise things, because your mind is filled with many great ideas. There’s so much creative energy inside of you, so much compassion and emotion. You’re loved, amazing, brilliant, creative and highly intelligent. Sure, you might feel like people don’t get you, but people don’t need to get you. You get them, and that’s your greatest strength.

3. Pisces & Aries dates: March 17 – 23

You’ve got a nature role-modeling skill and have an empathetic personality. You’re not afraid to take action and aren’t afraid to take those around you along for the ride. But, you easily start guessing yourself, which is when your impulsiveness kicks in. You push boundaries easily, which can lead to seriously hurt feelings, deep misunderstandings and general awkwardness. But, you’re also very adept at making others feel comfortable. You’re very interested in your success and love helping others whenever you can. The only thing you need to do is temper your impatience and smooth out the bumps in your communication skills. Think before you speak, but don’t concern yourself with the fear of saying something that isn’t right. Your passion doesn’t always equal commitment, but your happiness is all that matters in the end.

4. Aries & Taurus dates: April 16 – 22

You love having the position of power, having dominance. But, your sheer force of will is tempered by a generous spirit. You’re a great art lover, nurture your friends and are an intuitive leader. You work hard and play hard, but this can soon turn depleting and overwhelming. You like to give advice, as long as it has something to do with tackling a challenge. You’re intuitive and strategic, as you can see situations from all angles. Though, if it’s regarding matters of the human heart, they suggest you go for a second opinion. One piece of advice from me: use your powers for good. Consider meditating.

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5. Taurus & Gemini dates: May 17 – 23

You’re charming and energetic, ambitious and grounded, smart and humble, creative and versatile. You’re also prolific, spreading yourself too thin when it comes to commitments. It’s hard for you to say no. You’re a great communicator as you can talk to anyone about anything. What you’re not good at, is listening. You tend to monopolise conversations and have a bad habit of talking over others. You’re proud and hardworking, wanting to be acknowledged for your work. You’ve got youthful energy flowing through you, but you can easily feel scattered, jittery and anxious.

6. Gemini & Cancer dates: June 17 – 23

You love being the center of attention at any party. But, hidden beneath your thick skin is a bundle of raw emotions. You can read others from a mile away, but are private about your own feelings. You’ve got that encyclopedic knowledge of your innermost thoughts and feelings. You’ve got many skills and a ninja-like avoidance of talking about yourself. You’re committed, but it might take you a while to be all in. You like to surround yourself with people you know and trust, though trust is hard won with you. You’re sensitive and affectionate, value your family and blood relatives, as well as friends. You’re flirty and devoted, but that helps you to inspire others. Also, don’t be afraid to let people in. You’re patient and loving and forgive and forget easily.

7. Cancer & Leo dates: July 19 – 25

You’re pretty dramatic as things can really be blown out of proportion with you. You’re all about movement, both emotional and physical. But, you swing from one emotion to the next easily. Meditation would be good for you when you struggle for balance. You often appear shy when people first meet you, but that won’t last long. You’re sensitive to criticism and pay great attention to detail. You also have a good memory, including the ability to hold a grudge. You’re affectionate and devoted, but easily wounded, even when putting on a brave face. Try not to focus on what others are doing, but focus on what’s going on in your life.

8. Leo & Virgo dates: August 19 – 25

You’re commanding but cautious, passionate but perfectionist. This makes you at conflict with yourself, the feeling as if you’re torn between two extremes. You’re at war with being introverted and extroverted. You’re a leader with great communication skills, though you’re also independent and secretive. You’re persuasive when you can get behind a cause, which makes you an activist. You love working with people to solve a problem. Your desire for privacy and tendency for secrecy can be your downfall, as your innate desire to pull away can cause conflict. What you crave, is intimacy. What you struggle with, is vulnerability within yourself as you hold many secrets and silence is your go-to emotional mode. It’s also kinda hard to explain to others when you’re loud, direct and communicative half the time. You struggle with your boundary of self-protection.

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9. Virgo & Libra dates: September 19 – 25

You’re obsessed with beauty as you’ve got an amazing attention for detail. You’re charismatic, sensitive, intelligent and kind. You’re drawn to attractive people, beautiful art and sensual pleasures, known for being excellent at putting together a part and planning an event. Though, you’re often too focused on the way things look from the outside. You’re responsible and fair, always looking out for others and remembering the little things that make things special. When working as a part of a team, you’re fairness and open-mindedness are your strengths. You won’t shy away from a healthy conflict. You can be dissatisfied,which can be passive-aggressive towards others.

10. Libra & Scorpio dates: October 19 – 25

You’ve got the power to be a sexual dynamo. You always speak the truth, no matter who it may hurt. You’re quick to say what’s on your mind. This disarming personality can be valuable in your professional and personal life, but can also cause drama when not delivered in a constructive manner. You’ve got a leg up when it comes to social interactions as your charisma stems from your raw sexual energy and your detached charm. You can be bossy and sarcastic, but also romantic and loyal. Then again, your loyalty does come with jealousy. You’re determined, but your ego might get in your way.

11. Scorpio & Sagittarius dates: November 18 – 24

You’re quite the rebel with lots of energy. You live to go against the grain, are a self-taught expert and learn by doing. You’re a fearless leader, easily applying all you learned in your full, adventurous life. You’ve got the potential to be progressive and powerful, but you need to maintain your objectivity. But you’ve got an innate ability to see things through, so that’ll help you along the way. You often find yourself butting up against your bosses and consider self-employment often. Focus on your kindness and generosity when it comes to your professional interactions. You’re quite the pessimist, but also have a huge lust for life.

12. Sagittarius & Capricorn dates: December 18 – 24

You’ve got an uncanny ability to sense what’s needed and are the one who delivers it. Your optimism meets practicality as you’re ambitious and trustworthy. And your proclivity to err on the side of silence over bluster makes you wise beyond measure. You’re very prepared and quite nerdy, but your meticulous personality and knack for thorough preparation makes you the perfect travel companion. In a relationship, you’re the perfect partner as you’re loyal, understanding and dependable. Though, you do suffer from an intense desire to control your surroundings, meaning you can’t control your behavioral response to your own emotions. You can intensify a situation with the desire to be perfect, which may cause isolation whilst affecting others. Just make sure you keep a close eye on your temper.

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Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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