Column | Covid, I hope you step on a lego

It was February 27th when the first person infected with Covid was known in our region. I remember that day all too well, as it was only six days after my birthday. I sat in my room on my bed, laptop opened up, ready to do school work. The news app gave me a notification, breaking news. I had heard of this virus before and knew it was spreading rather quick. But my hopes were high: surely it wouldn’t reach the area where I lived. It did.

March 11th, the day Covid was credited as an official pandemic. The world was turned upside down, and no I’m not referring to Stranger Things. I wish I was. Still, we had some small precautionary measures taken and were hoping it was just a small thing that would pass by. But it didn’t. It only worsened and on March 23rd we had our first lockdown. The deaths were rising and the infections too. And still people didn’t take any of it serious. They still don’t.

Worldwide, the virus took 1,94 million people lives thus far. 1,94 million lives that shouldn’t have been taken by this fucked up virus. I have my own ‘conspiracy theories’ when it comes to this virus, but I’ll keep those to myself. Same with the vaccines, but that too, will be in my head and my head only. I hear people say it feels like a war, but I disagree. Sure, we’re all robbed of our freedom and people die, but they die by the hands of a virus, not by the hands of a leader whose mind was the most horrific one to exist. There are no direct dangers of bombs dropping on our heads, but yes, there are the direct dangers of sneezing, coughing and shaking hands. I won’t deny that.

In whichever way you look at this virus, we can all agree that it destroyed our lives. It took loved ones away, it made us lose our jobs, worsened our health (mentally and physically), made us stay away from family and friends, made school much harder to work through, turned our home into a prison and I can go on and on. No one can deny that seeing those four walls every single day tires you out, makes you feel like you’re not alive, like you’re living in a zombie apocalypse (though, I think I’d rather have that). Hugs forbidden, handshakes turned in awkward elbow bumps, masks showing eyes only (or not at all when your glasses turn fogged) and events being cancelled.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that 2020 may be over, but 2021 is only the beginning. A new mutation of the virus, vaccines that aren’t completely trustworthy and fully tested, more lockdowns and more deaths. I wonder when it’ll stop, if, it’ll ever stop. And you can tell me to stay positive and hopeful, but you can’t deny that this, won’t be solved anytime soon. Not with a vaccine, not with patience. It’s a fight we have to fight together, it won’t work when half of the people doesn’t listen and ignores the measures. I feel you, I want to go out too, see friends, travel places. But if we keep doing that, we’ll never beat this. And we can yell that we want Covid to step on a lego, but it won’t solve anything. Not if we keep ignoring the rules.

So, do yourself and your fellow man a favour: follow the rules, stay inside, wear your mask, don’t visit people, stay home when you feel sick, wash your hands and play tons of video games. Don’t keep ruining it for everybody, for the ones like me, who don’t go out at all to protect their loved ones, their fellow man. Trust me when I say that I really want to travel and go to concerts and act as if I don’t care, but I’m a rational thinker and I know I can’t. For I believe humanity is worth more, than a day lived like there’s no tomorrow. And if you disagree with me and find me an old, nagging lady, I’ve got news for you: I’m 23 and I want to party too. More than you think. All I’m asking, is for you to stay strong a little longer to give everyone their freedom back without the fear of dying by a virus.

Covid, step on a lego. And leave us alone.

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Love, Deem/Skye Lewis

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22 thoughts on “Column | Covid, I hope you step on a lego

      1. Ik heb het gehoord.
        Hier blijven de winkels nog open.
        Ze zouden dat beter ook hier doen.
        Juist cafes, restaurants, kappers en schoonheidssalons blijven dicht.

        Aum Shanthi

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