Paranormal stories: my own experiences

Remember the two series I did on my blog about paranormal stories from abandoned locations in England and around the world? Well, I recently started watching this YouTuber who had one question in mind: are entities real? He has a team of professional ghost hunters and equipment. There was this one video where they described what one feels when they’re experiencing entities nearby. Now, I don’t want to yell that I believe in ghosts or entities, but I also believe that there’s something out there that we don’t know about. It got me thinking about this one (actually two) experiences I once had. I couldn’t explain why it was happening or what it meant, but knowing what the things are that can happen when an entity is nearby, I started to think deeper. And so, I tell my story today.

Prague, Theresienstadt, 2012

I went to Prague with my classmates in year 10 of high school, I was 15 at the time. We went to concentration camp Theresienstadt. A little bit of history on this camp: ”Theresienstadt was a hybrid concentration camp and ghetto established by the SS during World War II in the fortress town Terezín, located in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Theresienstadt served two main purposes: it was simultaneously a waystation to the extermination camps, and a “retirement settlement” for elderly and prominent Jews to mislead their communities about the Final Solution.”

We walked around the terrain with our very bad speaking English guide and had a tour that was approximately 3 hours long. I never knew the real stories behind some spots. There’s this pool where the SS was just relaxing, as there was a wall directly behind them were thousands of prisoners/Jews were executed. There’s also a gallows heading directly into a wall, showing it’s no longer in use. And closeby is this field with a mass grave. I don’t want to know how many bodies are buried there, but it’s also the field where they were executed, so the field behind the wall I mentioned earlier. There’s also a crematorium and cemetery with the Star of David and a cross, but those spots aren’t where I had this paranormal experience.

So, there’s this one spot called the Fourth Courtyard. It’s a huge area filled with gravel. Surrounding that, are multiple cells, which fitted about 200 – 600 prisoners. And believe me, those cells are really small. Above the entrance, there’s a tower watching over the courtyard. Let me show two photos real quick. The photos aren’t mine. I never took a photo at this specific spot because of various reasons. I’ll explain it in a bit.

The Small Fortress at Terezín concentration camp – Prague Blog
Source image
JUNK BOAT TRAVELS: May 14 Afternoon - Terezin
Source image

The fourth courtyard was built in 1943. Prisoners living there were forced to watch executions. Yes, you heard that right. People were shot. In this very courtyard. So, we followed a route to answer questions, this was one of the last locations for the questions. The question was: how many people died in this camp? Estimate what the total is. As my classmates stood there for about two seconds and moved on, I stood in a quarter of the field, staring right at the entrance and tower. As I looked up, I felt watched. As if eyes looked at me from the cells. But as I looked around, there was no one there. All cells were empty. It was a really weird feeling. On top of that, I felt as if I couldn’t move. My legs were heavy and I felt a heavy feeling in my chest, my head was pounding. Then the weirdest thing ever happened. I heard a man laugh. Coming from the tower above my head. But there was no one there. I was all alone. I was 15 at the time, and I didn’t know people were executed there, so I couldn’t understand the feeling.

Now, knowing what you can sense or feel, as those ghost hunters explained, I start to think about these feelings. I could recall the exact same feelings I had back then when I stared at the photos. My head was pounding again, my chest hurt. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. And so, I wondered: where the restless souls staring at me, waiting for me to feel the nervousness of those ready to be executed? And was that laugh the last thing one prisoner heard before he was killed? Like I said before, I don’t know if this is what I think it is, but knowing the things that can happen with entities nearby and the story about that spot, I do believe there was something. Something kept me from leaving.

Tower of London, 2018

It’s said that six ravens at a place mean death is nearby. But, the Tower of London actually has seven ravens as residences. So, I already shook that thought off when we set foot in the Tower. But, there were three spots I felt something, odd. Firstly was the spot where Henry VI was stabbed to death as he was praying in a small chapel. Now, the plague in front of the altar said it was for ceremony purposes, but I felt heavy whilst standing there, in the Wakefield Tower. As if something didn’t feel right. Though, that wasn’t the weirdest spot. When we stood in the Salt Tower, there where many carved inscriptions. But as I stood there, it was as if I could hear someone carving the wall, though no one was doing that. It’s not even possible, seeing as the wall is mostly covered in glass plates to maintain the inscriptions. But like I said, there was no doing that, but I could hear it loud and clear. In the White Tower, I kinda felt something weird, pulling me down. There’s this cell called Little Ease located beneath the Tower, but no one died there. Not that I could find anyway. So I don’t know why I felt this way. Last but not least, there’s the spot in the middle of the terrain: Tower Green. Two of Henry VIII’s queens and several other people were beheaded here. I did feel as if something was staring at me, and it was the same feeling as I had back at the fourth courtyard in Theresienstadt. Then again, there were lots of people surrounding us, so I’m not entirely sure if this can be counted as something. But those noises of the carving, was what I heard for sure. And there was no one doing it at the time.

My own image

Have you ever experienced anything like this before? If so, where and what?

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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14 thoughts on “Paranormal stories: my own experiences

  1. Spirits can have the most interesting ways in trying to make their presence known. I can for sure admit that if I was in your position, I would be terrified, but to experience those feelings is fascinating to read! Thank you for sharing your experiences!

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    1. I’m not one who’s easily scared or terrified as I watch horror films and play horror games and am interested in the paranormal. But you’re right, it’s fascinating in which ways they’re trying to communicate

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