What your favourite school subject says about you

We’ve all been to school. Some longer than others, some on higher levels. But we all had the basic subjects at least once during our years of attending classes. And I bet we all had a favourite subject in school. Now that’s exactly something revealing about your personality. So, shall we dig in?

1. Science

You’re a very curious person. You hate taking the easy way out and instead like to take a little extra time to find the best option for what you need. You’re considered analytical, logical and cautious. Which makes sense, seeing as you’re the one who really knows what’s going on.

2. Art

You’re creative and have an incredibly sensitive side. You look for the bright side in dark situations and often see the bigger picture. Your ability to think on your feet is one that most people underestimate. Though, you’re quite confident that it won’t rely on their approval.

3. History

You remember everything, even the things that don’t matter. It makes your life much more easily accessible. You’re attentive, considerate and hard-working. You know how to be diplomatic when needed and tend to reflect on your days often.

4. P.E.

You’re athletic, competitive and are able to take that desire to win in any aspect of your life. Which makes you a devoted and persistent person. You’re outgoing and extroverted, often really good at working together.

5. Math

You’re organised and love numbers. You’re analytical and take a lot of pride in your ability to follow a routine. You’re punctual and dependable, whereas some believe you’re also predictable; which you’re not. You love spontaneous activities, as long as it’s the good kind.

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6. English

You’ve got an enormous imagination and an utmost desire to explore. Though, in the safety of your own mind, which is why you love reading and writing stories. You’re creative, not only with words, but in all aspects. You think ahead, faster than anyone realises, which is why some find you witty.

7. Music

You’re passionate and don’t just like things, but actually love them. You’ve got a lot of opinions and aren’t afraid to make them known to others. Though, you’ve also got a sensitive side. You’re patient and willing to stop and wait for the things you truly want in life.

8. Language

When you love learning other languages, chances are you’re extremely empathetic. You put others first and know when something is wrong with them. You’re adventurous and passionate and have tons of romanticised ideas about life and the world around you.

9. Drama

Your creativity is combined with your enthusiasm, which gives you all the energy you need. Your quick-thinking and ability to stay open-minded help you navigate your life. But, you’re not a dramatic person. You’re very genuine, sincere and conscientious, knowing what the right thing is to say.

10. Geography

You’re adventurous, enterprising and focused, always looking ahead at your next big goal. You’re ambitious too and capable of persuading people to agree with your plans.

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Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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