Cat breeds and their personalities

Every cat has its own personality, both female and male. Then again, that’s not the only thing that determines their personality. Same goes for the environment they grow up in, the people and animals that live with them and their breed. And that last part is what today’s article will be all about!

1. American shorthair

It’s a gentle family playmate and known to be an all-around great cat. They’re beautiful, healthy and very affectionate. They’re the perfect easy-going companion who’ll stay by your side for many years to come.

2. Sphynx

They’re very lovable and are also known for being silly, clumsy and mischievous. They like humans the most, but do tolerate dogs and other cats too. They’re also very social, active and devoted. They love snuggling with a furrier friend and love a warm lap to sleep in. They’re also very talkative and constantly hungry.

3. Siamese

They’re emotional and intelligent. They meow frequently and tend to talk a lot, making them very noisy. They’re also very mischievous and bond strongly with their owner(s), being very loving of them. They nee active, stimulating play and lots of affection and social interaction.

4. Persian

They’re sweet and gentle, requiring regular grooming and the need to remain indoors. They’re typically quiet and rather aloof as they dislike loud noises. They enjoy lounging upon a cushion or a lap and are less active than other breeds. They do enjoy attention, but won’t demand it. They’re usually quite shy and reserved around strangers, but affectionate with the people they know.

Black and White Tabby Cat Sleeping on Red Textile

5. Maine coon

It’s a beautiful and playful cat, proving to be energetic and engaging. They’re calm and very friendly, good companions and very curious as they follow you everywhere you go. They’re super affectionate and enjoy a good snuggle. They’re very social and love to chat with people and other animals.

6. Scottish fold

They’re low-maintenance cats that ask for lots of love. It’s a sweet, charming breed, an easy cat to live with and to care for. They’re affectionate and comfortable with all members of the family.

7. American bobtail

They’re known for being loving and extremely intelligent. They’re interactive and loyal, likely to form a strong bond with any member of the house who engages with them regularly.

8. Domestic shorthair

They’re strong and energetic and have a strong hunting instinct that needs to be satisfied with stimulating play. This last bit though gives them lots of energy, even during the night.

White Cat With Pink Background

9. Abyssinian

They’re very playful and inquisitive and will accompany you around the house to try to assist you with whatever you’re doing. They’re intelligent cats that love games and are very talkative. They make gentle trilling sounds when they chat. They grow very attached to their owners and don’t like to be left alone. They need lots of affection, attention and active play.

10. Bengal

They’re talkative, friendly and need lots of exercise. They might even enjoy going on a hike outdoors. They’re very exceptional hunters and are very intelligent. They’ve got excellent memories and the ability to learn tricks. They love water and will even play in it.

11. Lykoi

They’re very affectionate and loving, though they’re often timid of strangers. They enjoy games and toys that involve problem solving skills, but can be possessive of their favourite toys. They hate sharing. They may seem independent and like to play on their own, but they still need lots of affection.

12. Ragdoll

They’re very docile and sweet tempered. They’re extremely devoted and will follow you around the house like a puppy would. They need interactive play to ensure that they’ll get enough exercise. They like to be held, snuggled and carried around. They have musical voices, but are usually very quiet.

Gray Tabby Cat Lying on White Surface

13. Russian blue

This playful and intelligent breed is relatively shy. They hate loud sounds like vacuum cleaners and are often quiet and reserved. They enjoy playing with people that they know and like. They become very devoted and will always greet you at the door when you come home.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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Image source: Pexels


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