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Travel tag: 25 travel facts

I saw this tag wandering around the internet and thought: why not join in on the bandwagon? You’re supposed to tell 25 fun facts about you travelling. Doesn’t sound that hard, does it? Not to me, so I suggest we get started right away!

1. When I was eight years old, my mum and dad, a friend of my dad’s and his wife and daughter went with us on vacation to Disneyland Paris. Well, we only went one day and were staying in Belgium most of the time, but we stayed two days in France. I don’t remember much of it, but luckily I still have photos that tell me which Disney characters I saw. Oh, and I had my very first roller coaster ride there. That’s also something I’ll never forget.

2. I’ve seen to the following countries thus far: England, Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic and The Netherlands.

3. I’ve never been on a plane before. I do want to, seeing as I want to travel way further than I’ve been. But it was just always easier to go by bus, train or car.

4. The countries I want to visit are: Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand.

5. I’ve been to the Czech Republic in 2012 with my class. We went to Prague for a week. I was basically on my own all the time as I didn’t have many friends, but I loved exploring the city on my own rather than hanging back with people who only wanted to party and go shopping.

Person Pointing at Black and Gray Film Camera Near Macbook Pro

6. I’ve visited Theresienstadt in Prague, a hybrid concentration camp used in the WWII. It was weird being there, but also fascinating in a way. Walking there, standing in those gas chambers, seeing those graves and the gallows. It just gave you a stomach feeling that I can’t describe. But I’m glad I saw it with my own two eyes.

7. To go to Manchester, I went by bus to get there. 2, to be exact. The trip was over 12 hours and the waiting for the second bus was way longer than anticipated. Never doing that again.

8. I hate going to the beach or to go shopping when I’m on vacation. I want to explore the city, visit the famous sights and take pictures of them. I love sniffling into the culture and learning the history about the country or city I’m staying in.

9. I’ve got many concentration camps and other war monuments/museums I want to visit. I’ve been to a few already, like the Imperial War Museum in London, which left me in awe with what they showed there. If you ever get the chance to go there, you should. It’s free and very much worth your time.

10. I’ve visited concentration camp Westerbork a couple of times. It didn’t really affect me that much, as there wasn’t much to see. The museum there was informative, but it’ll never beat the Imperial War Museum. Though I gotta admit, there’s a beautiful scenery of nature surrounding it. It’s definitely worth it walking around there.

Brown Leather Duffel Bag

11. I’ve never been outside of Europe yet, but that’s gonna change in the future, seeing as I’ve got multiple travel plans ready to be set in action. I just need two things: money and for this virus to disappear.

12. I want to see the seven wonders of the world, meaning I’d also go to those countries to see them with my own two eyes.

13. When looking at the World Heritage Site, I’ve seen the following with my own two eyes: Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Saint Margaret’s Church, Tower of London, historic centre of Prague, Kutnรก Hora, Saint Barbara’s Church, Church of the Assumption of Our Lady and Saint John the Baptist, Wadden Sea, Canal District Amsterdam, The Eiffel Tower.

14. I love walking over any public transport in any country. I always find so much more things to see when I walk around the city. Also, it’s much easier to go sightseeing on your own that way, instead of going on one of those tours they provide.

15. I plan literally everything I do. I always want to see as many things in one day as possible, so I kinda make a schedule and use a map to circle all the things I want to see and what the best route will be to get there quickly. Time won means more time to see other things!

Woman Looking At The Map

16. I do shop for souvenirs that say ‘I heart …’ I just love those kinda things, preferably black shirts. I’ve got ones from the earlier named countries I’ve visited. I kinda collect them.

17. I don’t have a passport, so I travel with my identification card. I am planning on getting a passport, seeing as I want to travel outside of Europe in the future.

18. I always take my camera with me, wherever I go. I love photographing the architecture, monuments, statues and culture. It’s to create memories and to fill my photography portfolio.

19. The hardest part of being away from home is missing my cat. He’s my baby and whenever I’m travelling, he’s the one I miss most. And my family, of course.

20. I’d rather travel alone than with somebody. Though I gotta admit, I did like travelling with my father to create memories with him. Though, being on your own is easier in terms of choosing where to go, what to eat and to save money. Then again, travelling with someone is much more fun. It has its pros and cons.

Person Holding World Globe Facing Mountain

21. I prefer staying in a small ‘hotel’ or bed and breakfast kind of thing. I like those small hotels that doesn’t have many visitors, is a bit hidden in the city and isn’t too expensive. The locals owning such locations often want to help you and are the most generous kind of people you’ll ever meet.

22. I speak German, French, English, Spanish and Dutch, so it was very easy to communicate in the countries I visited. Okay, Czech Republic was sometimes a mix of German/English, but I’m the kind of person who always finds a way to communicate. And I understand easier than I speak, weirdly enough. Still, I pick up such languages rather quick and always make sure I got the basics saved in my brain.

23. The one country I don’t want to travel to, is America. Don’t get me wrong, but it’s just the least appealing to me. I don’t have a specific reason, I just feel like that’s the last country I’d want to visit. So it sits safe and sound at the bottom of my list.

24. I’m not really a fan of some unknown dishes and food in foreign countries, so I often find a pizza place or Mcdonalds. Also because I’m vegetarian, so I’m picky either way ๐Ÿ˜‰ And it’s mostly cheap, that weighs too.

25. I have a map in my room where I can scratch off which places I’ve visited. I love that, as I want to colour it as much as I possibly can. Though my plans to go to Ireland this year were cancelled… Hopefully next year? Fingers crossed!

White Airliner Wing on Top of Sea Clouds

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis โค

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