The struggles everyone has with a brother or sister

I myself am an only child, so any struggles written aren’t mine. But, a friend of mine has 3 sisters and a brother and deals with these kinda struggles every day. He’s the youngest of the family and send me a message asking if he could write a post. So, I’ll give the pen to Brandon and wish you all fun reading!

1. ‘Ill tell mum!’

I gotta admit that I used this sentence a lot. When I asked my brother which struggles he could think of, this was the first one that came to his mind. I’m 17 (soon turning 18) and only me, my brother and one sister live at home still. The other two are married and live together with their husbands. In any case, I was always the brother who’d threaten to tell our strict mum whenever something broke or if they hurt me. You know, it was amazing to have that kinda leverage over them.

2. Remote

Oh, and we were fighting a lot, especially about who could have the remote to watch a show. As the youngest, I was the one who watched cartoons last, so my older sisters were annoyed by me as they wanted to watch reality shows and such. Though, we also had lots of fights about who could sit behind the computer or play with the xbox. We needed a tight schedule for all of that.

3. Unfair blaming

It’s a fun feeling to watch your mum and dad be angry at your siblings for something you did, laughing behind their backs with an evil smile on your face. Though, I gotta admit when they backfired it on me, I wasn’t so happy. I was the only one who got blamed for something they all did. I guess karma is a bitch after all.

4. Food gone

You bought yourself some snacks to treat yourself after a long day of studying and hide them in your room, thinking they’ll never find it. You go do something else and when you come back to eat them, you find them all gone. And the empty packaging? In the trash…

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5. ‘Take your brother with you!’

My older brother heard this sentence way too many times. Every time he’d go somewhere, my mum yelled at him that he had to take me with him. Oh how annoyed he was with her. He could never hang out with his friends without me ruining it for him.

6. Used as slave

I mean, it’s not really used as an actual slave, but you get what I mean. I was often asked to give someone toilet paper or bring someone food whenever I was in the kitchen. And it was basically my brother always asking me to get him anything.

7. Politician game

I didn’t mind grabbing something for my brother, but I always asked for something in return. And if not, I’d reminded him of that just as long until he repaid the favour. And he did the same with me.

8. Annoying your sibling

It was one of those days were I was so bored (which happened occasionally) that I hang around in my brother’s room, annoying him. I did like my sisters, but not enough to hang around in their room all day.

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9. Stealing clothes

I myself didn’t do this, but when I asked my sister, she told me she was always the one annoying our other two sisters as she wandered into their room after they went shopping, borrowing their new clothes. God they yelled so loud at each other.

10. ‘I’m the boss!’

Our oldest sister (when she was still home) was the one who had to babysit us when our parents left for work or a date. And so she always went: ‘Mum said I’m the boss, so you all have to listen to me!’ And none of us did, of course. Our parents had to come home a lot.

11. Using wrong names

It’s hard for my parents to separate my sisters at times. They do look a lot like each other, but they’re not twins. Weirdly enough, they easily called my sister Rebecca Anna or Mary Rebecca etc. They never did that with my brother and I, but they got miscalled easily.

12. Bathroom struggles

We always had to share one bathroom with the seven of us. So we had a tight schedule for showering. Though, it’s annoying when your dad is shitting at the time you’ve got to take your shower. Yeah, that was very unpleasant…

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Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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      1. I totally get that – I always wanted a sibling (especially when it came to any shoveling of snow 😄) but it does has its perks 😃

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