What your favourite pizza (topping) reveals about you!

Most people love pizza (I mean, who doesn’t?) and have their favourite kind of pizza (topping) when they order one. Or go out to eat one, once covid allows us to. In any case, your preferred pizza says something about your personality and we’ll find out what it’ll be!

1. Plain pizza

If you like this, you’re reliable, steadfast and concerned. Often people ask you what’s wrong with you, but there’s nothing wrong with someone only wanting some cheese and sauce. Your plain preference shows that you’re someone who knows how to stand your ground and refuse to compromise or change. It doesn’t make you predictable to choose this, but it makes you reliable and dependable. It also indicates that you might worry a little too much. And you may need to break out of your comfortzone a bit more often.

2. Hawaiian pizza

If you like this, you’re laid-back, self-confident and quirky. There’s many debates going on whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not. No matter what the answer may be: to you it does, and that’s completely valid. This shows that you have a lackadaisical approach to life, not quickly worried or anxious. You aren’t necessarily cocky, but are comfortable with who you are as a person. Your friends and family enjoy your quirky flair and unique personality.

3. Anchovy pizza

If you like this, you’re bold, unafraid and stubborn. You’re quite the rare breed, so to say. It truly requires a sense of boldness to order something as distinct and unpopular as anchovies, according to some. You aren’t scared to pick what you want, both in ordering pizza and life. Though, make sure your stubbornness won’t get the best of you. Keep a healthy dose of flexibility in your life and you’re all good.

4. Mushroom pizza

If you like this, you’re open, earthy and giving. You’re likely an open person if you love mushrooms as you’re easy to talk with and easy to relate to. Some might make fun of you because of your ‘earthiness’, but it doesn’t make you a hippie per se. After all, there are tons of other people out there who love animals and nature. People love you because you’re so giving of your time, energy and love.

5. Pepperoni pizza

If you like this, you’re caring, uncomplicated and fun. You’re likely someone who cares deeply about the ones you love. Though, your friends and family don’t understand why you don’t enjoy drama the way others do. Even when you fail, you strive for an uncomplicated, drama-free life. But, uncomplicated doesn’t mean simple. You’ve definitely got a fun side going on. Just, don’t be afraid to show it.

Person Holding Pepperoni Pizza on Tray

6. Sausage and pepper pizza

If you like this, you’re balanced, receptive and insightful. After all, your pizza is incredibly yin and yang when it comes to the veggies balancing with the meat. Likewise, you lead a balanced lifestyle when it comes to your personal and professional life. Unlike some of your colleagues, you’re receptive to criticism and new suggestions. Why? Because it can only turn you into a better person. People love asking you for advice because of your incredible insights.

7. Extra cheese pizza

If you like this, you’re driven, intelligent and goal-oriented. The best part of the pizza is the cheese, am I right? So, why not add more to it? It shows that you’re not afraid to have a lot on your plate. You know what you want in life and don’t hesitate to strive for those goals. Though, it also reveals your more indulgent side. You’re a person who enjoys feeding your five senses, reveling in all the little pleasures that life gives you.

8. Meat lovers pizza

If you like this, you’re brash, proud and outspoken. It shows that you’re loud and proud, being very vocal about your feelings and opinions. Why? Because you’ve got nothing to hide. You possess a strong sense of pride for your family, nation and accomplishments. You love who you are and all that you’ve achieved so far in your life.

9. Veggie lovers pizza

If you like this, you’re sensitive, secretive and surprising. Though, you being sensitive doesn’t mean you’re a baby. You just show your emotions easily and there’s nothing wrong with that. You don’t broadcast everything you’re feeling though, you keep it to yourself most of the time. However, it may do you good to share some of it with others. You possess a kind of boldness that will surprise the world if you allow yourself to let it all out.

10. Specialty pizza

If you like this, you’re creative, wild and adventurous. You like to order new and strange ingredients for your pizza, meaning that you’re someone who loves accessing your creative side. You have a vast imagination and it may be wild at times. You love to dance, cut loose and get a little crazy. And as an adventurous person, people look to you for a time filled with fun or when they want to break out of their shells. You’re an inspiration to both friends and family.

Person Holding Pizza on Wooden board

11. ‘The works’ pizza

If you like this, you’re indecisive, welcoming and excited. This pizza basically means that you choose literally everything you can possibly choose. It might make you a bit indecisive as you struggle with making decisions, but don’t forget where it comes from: your fear of missing out if you make the wrong choice. You’re simultaneously a very welcoming individual as you like to make everyone feel at home. You also have a hunger for life and an excitement level that’s an inspiration to those around you.

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❀

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