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Your favourite thing about Christmas according to your zodiac sign

Most people truly love Christmas with everything you can think of. Some others don’t or only partly. Some can’t decide what they love more about Christmas, so why not let your zodiac sign tell you what your biggest love is? I say we dig in to find out!


You love the freezing weather. You’re an air sign after all, so it’s not weird that you love your winter weather. You don’t even need that many clothes as you’re perfectly capable of handling the cold. Though, I do suggest wearing some warm clothes, just in case.


You live for the magic of Christmas and refuse to believe Santa and his reindeer won’t stop at your house on Christmas Eve. So, you leave some milk and cookies for Santa. And if he doesn’t collect them, well… who are you to just let them be?


You love turning up at holiday festivities. You just love that holiday buzz. And, as the fire sign you are, you love putting the Christmas lights up. Just let the light take over the darkness!


You love your Christmas dessert, and it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re baking them or eating them straight from the store. You live for the Christmas treats. Oh and you revel in the holiday aesthetics and sensual delights in general.

Christmas gift boxes under fir tree


Openings presents on Christmas morning is your favourite thing. Though, you have to stop the will to snoop around to try and find your (un)wrapped gifts. If you stop doing that, I can ensure you’ll love Christmas morning even more.


You love the Christmas home videos, mostly because of the nostalgia vibe. You love making memories with loved ones. You even listen to Christmas music while decorating. Another true tradition.


You love shopping Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Your heart just swells up with joy whenever you can make your loved ones smile. You’re a big kid at heart, so the more ‘toy’ shopping, the better.


Aside from the chic holiday details, you can’t deny your earth sign with a number of earthy delights, such as the magical smell of pine. You might even own a few scented candles with hints of fresh balsam.

Red Celebrate Print Baubles Hang on Green Christmas Tree


There’s nothing you love more than purchasing holiday wrapping paper. Especially the one-of-a-kind kind of wrapping paper. You search for a very long time before finding the perfect exquisite pattern.


You know exactly what you want for Christmas and have a list of things you plan on requesting from Santa Claus. Or, you know, your parents and friends and such. You started making one in July and still add things. One can never start too early, right?


You love snow and you need to see it at least once a year, no matter where. Besides, travelling with your loved ones over the holidays is always a loveable option. Oh, and skiing and snowboarding are included, obviously.


You’re not the festive type per se, though you love keeping the Christmas traditions going. So, why not dress up as Santa Claus? Or well, a version of it. Call it cosplay even, if you prefer.

Christmas Gold Balls

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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