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Your zodiac sign tells you what your Christmas decoration vibe is

Some love decorating their houses, others don’t. I myself have no decorations whatsoever, but maybe you do. And if you’re not sure yet what to pick, let your zodiac sign decide it for you!


You’re rather selfless, focused more on giving than receiving. You’ll do whatever it takes to ensure the happiness of your guests, going out of your way to make them feel comfortable and safe. They know that physical ambiance means a lot to people, so you want them to feel open in their space. So, you may want to wear or hand out holiday-themed face masks or keep your guests’ hands from touching the kitchen counter by applying cozy Christmas covers.


What makes you loveable, is also what makes you irritating. You love the holidays, maybe a bit too much. You love the music and nostalgia that the holidays bring out. You’ll play classic holiday films on repeat in the background of any get-together. You stay true to family traditions. You may have Hanukkah chocolate gelt spread around, both for shiny and gold decorations. And to nibble on, of course.


You gotta slow down, because you have a tendency to get ahead of yourself. Just choose one subject to spice up your home, that’ll be enough. You get pretty caught up in the moment with all the ideas flowing through your mind, but you have trouble committing to a full decorating project. It’s in your nature to burn bright, so think about putting colourful candles around the house.


You love stuff, which isn’t particularly necessary. Why? Because you’re materialistic. For you, the pleasure of living lies in satisfying all five senses to the max. It’s important for you to create an entire atmosphere. Think of an essential oil diffuser or fragrances to take care of smell and the perfect holiday music for sound. That leaves three more senses: sight, touch and taste. So think about decorating the house with treats. And what about adding pillows and tablecloths?

Red Lighted Candle


You see decorating as a means to an end. Your goal isn’t to make your house look the best, but to provide your guests with the experience they’re looking for so they’ll enjoy being with you. What you’ll get are streaming devices, board games and funny ornaments. You just want to ensure fun.


You crave a homey feeling. It means you want to prepare meals and be surrounded by meaningful decorations. You’ll decorate with aromas from baking than anything else, but you’ll decorate the furniture with decorative gifts you’ve collected from past family members. To you, every decoration and holiday treat will have a story attached to it. Think of putting a family picture in a light-up holiday frame, or get some cookie cutters for a cookie swap or start a new Christmas Eve tradition.


You love decorating your house with 10.000 strings of lights, 3 inflatable snowmen and countless ornaments on your front-lawn trees if you could. You’re very competitive. You’re the one who overwhelms your windows or porch with a loud, decorative piece that’ll get the attention, including decoration yourself. You love ugly holiday sweaters and flamboyant accessories.


You don’t indulge in excess. You’re quite the ordered person, decorating your home by switching out practical household items for festive equivalent. As long as you establish a new theme, it’s all that matters. You enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the natural world. So, you love having a real Christmas tree. Oh, and wreaths are also very important to you.

Glass Bauble Reflecting Christmas Tree


You also prefer order over anything. Though, symmetry is beauty according to you. You’re quite close to fine-art critic, so your decorations should be the same. Balancing is your speciality so hanging around themed art during the holidays is something very satisfying for you. Your home will be impeccable, so to say.


You only need one item for it to be a successful holiday: chocolate. It’s rich with symbolism and you enjoy adding levels of meaning to your surroundings. Think about chocolate gift boxes and other chocolate themed snacks to put around the house. You can put up a chocolate display and no guest will complain.


You want your home to be bright, positive and inviting. You enjoy the pleasures in terms of food, drinks and laughter. So, you want an ambiance that matches the joy. So upbeat some holiday tunes and put some tchotchkes around the house. Oh, what you’ll truly love is gingerbread tabletop figurines.


Winter is your season, so holiday decorating is therapeutic for you. It has t come with substance for you, and it needs to be within tradition. It’s a good way to spend your time after having a busy day. What you’ll love are bright lights and glittering ornaments. What you’ll surely love are star-shaped LED string lights.

Gray, Blue, and Gold-colored Baubles

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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