The things you recognise when you’re trying to be a fit guy/girl

Most people tell themselves they’ll do a workout at least 3 times a week, eat healthy and leave the snacks be. But, they don’t succeed. Does that sound familiar to you? Well, then you’ll probably recognise the next few things too!

  1. Alarm

The night before you hit the gym the next morning, you set an early alarm. Though, once it tells you it’s time to wake up, you turn it off, feel warm and cosy in bed and decide to cancel the original plans for today.

2. Healthy food

You really try to eat healthy and fill your fridge and freezer with any healthy food you can find in the supermarket. Though, it actually causes you to crave unhealthy food.

3. Inspiration

You look up videos from other fit guys/girls on YouTube and Instagram and decide you’d actually like to do the same exercises. But as soon as you hit the gym to do so, you find running on the treadmill hard enough.

Photo of Woman Wearing Pair of Black Nike Running Shoes

4. Annoyed with lack of snacks

You’re mad at yourself (or anyone else doing the groceries) when there’s no snacks in house whenever you fancy. Sure, you made the decision not to buy anyone (or ask the other not to) because you can’t help yourself otherwise, but it still makes you angry.

5. Cheat day

You’re doing fine all day, eating healthy and all. But, as soon as you’ve eaten dinner and watch an episode, you can’t stay away from any chocolate, crisps etc. You have to eat a few. A new day tomorrow, right?

6. Things that stop you

You’ve finally gained enough confidence to hit the gym, but then there’s something that stops you. And every time, it’s something new that happens. Your cat escaped, you’ve got a flat tire, your phone fell and the screen cracked and so on. It’s just never a normal, easy day for you.

Person Wearing Black Shorts and Blue Lace-up Low-top Sneaker Holding Black Barbell

7. Others eat in front of you

You’ve got friends over, your roommate sits across from you or your mother sits next to you, opening up a bag of crisps. And there you are, chewing on some grapes. And here you thought everyone agreed on eating healthy in front of you. Now it’s not hard which decision to make.

8. New sports clothes

You’ve ordered all kinds of new sports clothes, but it’s still hanging in your closet with the price tag on. Maybe it’s time to wear some of them while working out?

9. You give up

Maybe you should just accept the fact that you’re not fit to be a fit guy/girl. This lifestyle doesn’t really match your day life and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you make sure you exercise enough and eat enough healthy food, it won’t be a problem to eat a pizza or chocolate bar.

Silhouette of Two Man Running

Love, Deem/Skye Lewis ❤

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