A fight within your friendship? Here’s what you can do!

Everyone lives through the moment in life where your friendship is going badly. It may have several reasons as to why it’s happening. And every reason has a solution. So, let me help you to solve your friendship, in either fixing it or ending it; if it were for the best.

Case 1: Growing apart

You used to do everything together. Though lately, everything you do together feels quite boring. Other friends, other interests, other opinions, a different life. If you have to choose between hanging out with that friend or watch a series, you know what to choose. Solution: It’s time to end this friendship. You’ve had a wonderful time as friends and you should keep those beautiful memories close. Is she thinking about it the same way as you do? Then it’s easy to let it die out. If not, ask her to meet and talk this through with her. Tell her in all honesty that you’ve grown apart.

Case 2: Fight

Every friendship (or relationship) has a fight every now and then. Disagreements, anger or arguing doesn’t have to necessarily be worrying. Though, it depends on the reason as to why you’re fighting in the first place. Solution: It’s not weird that you feel annoyed with someone from time to time, especially when hanging out a lot. Don’t be stubborn and make up. Is it a fight that has a meaning? A real reason for you to be angry because of gossiping or kissing with your lover? Then you better let that friendship go. Someone you can’t trust, isn’t a real friend.

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Case 3: Friend or frenemy?

They act as if you’re kind, lying straight in your face every time they say that. Why? Because they’re gossiping about you behind your back, are often jealous of you or are using you. Solution: It should be clear: this friend can’t be trusted. Better to end the friendship right here and now.

Case 4: It’s all about them

It’s driving you crazy. They’re not interested in you and are only talking about themselves. Solution: It may be that your friend doesn’t realise he or she is doing this. Why don’t you start off with an airy joke or talk with your friend about it. If that doesn’t work, it may be time to end your friendship.

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The rules of dumping

  • Keep it classy: don’t curse or yell. Don’t say mean things and stay calm.
  • Keep it to yourself: say your own opinion and share your own feelings. This makes sure the other can’t deny anything you say.
  • Be honest: it may be helpful for them for any friendships they’ll have in the future.
  • Meet: don’t do this kind of thing via social media. It’s not cool. You have to do this face to face.
  • Wish them the best: it’s a nice way to end your friendship and it’s for your own good karma and closure.

Love, Deem ā¤

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