The names of beauty products most people pronounce wrong

I myself don’t use any beauty products, but my friend Jenny does. She has her own beauty salon and often hears customers pronouncing multiple beauty products wrong. So, I hereby give her the pen, so to speak, and wish you all fun reading!

1. Cleanser

Most people think that the first part is pronounced as clean, like normal people say it in English. But, that’s not true. It’s actually pronounced as ‘klen.’ So, you’d pronounce it als klen-ser.

2. Opi

It’s a very famously known nail polish brand. Most people pronounce it als o-pie, but it’s actually pronounced o-pie-ai.

3. L’occitane

It’s a shop where you can buy shower products and makeup. The double c is pronounced as an x. So, it’s pronounced as loxie-tan.

Person Pouring Plastic Tube Bottle

4. Shea butter

Do you pronounce the a in this brand? Then you’re doing it wrong. The a isn’t pronounced. What you say, is shé butter.

5. Micellair water

Most people use this to clean their face of any makeup they used. Now, you may or may not have thought about how to pronounce this one, but there’s only one correct way. It’s pronounced: mie-sè-lèr water. And yes, water is just like the English do.

6. Balayage

It’s a method of painting your hair, making the lower hairs lighter than the hairs on top. So, as for the pronunciation: it’s ba-la-ja-zje.

Do you use or have used any of these products? Love, Jenny

Love, Deem ❤

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