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What your favourite book genre says about your personality

Remember the post I wrote about what kind of personality you have with a certain taste of films? The same goes for books. So, each genre has its own personality traits that can be matched with humans, according to scientists. So, let’s take a look at those, shall we?


You have read just about every classic there is to read, even reread them. Your favourite writers? Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Jane Austen, John Steinbeck etc. You were the kid in high school who read all of the mandatory books and actually enjoyed them. You’d rather know one person deeply than a couple people on the surface. You cherish the simplicities in life more than anything else.


You love reading about huge and complex worlds, the places where your imagination can roam as it pleases. Ever since you were a kid, you’ve always been more interested in mythology than anything else. You’re quite the daydreamer as you think of the next great adventure you’ll go on. When it comes to your friends, you’ve got some of the best surrounding you. You’ll never treat them wrong because you know how valuable true friendship is.

Historical fiction

You love fiction and you love facts. You want to know what’s gonna happen and hate surprises. You always bring a very detailed planner with you wherever you go. Though, you aren’t afraid to indulge in a few spontaneous activities. You’ve got an eye for detail and are quite the perfectionist in your work. You love watching people and enjoy listening to your friends and family when they tell you stories of their past.


You share the same way of thinking as Stephen King: everyone should read more horror books. You aren’t scared easily and the feeling of adrenaline is addicting to you. You’re the risk-taker in your group of friends and are the first in line for the wildest rides when you go to an amusement park. You’re one heck of a storyteller. It’s why you’re the perfect storyteller during a bonfire, because everyone attending knows you’ll tell them a story that’ll haunt them for the rest of the week.

Literary fiction

You like reading about common life problems and troubles that everyone can relate to. You want to know more about people, learn more about them. And you even make up people’s life stories as you pass by them on the streets or somewhere else. You’re a deep thinker and a pro at problem solving. You like to look at your life as if it’s a film and wonder when the next complicated situation will unfold, that obviously needs solving.

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You’re exceptionally talented at picking up on foreshadowing and clues, so friends tend to stay away from you to avoid spoilers when reading or watching something. You look at life as a mystery itself and are always searching for the bigger meaning in things. You’re a little quieter than the rest, but only because you enjoy being a mystery yourself.


You love memoirs and autobiographies, from known people and unknown people. You’re a great listener and enjoy getting to know someone by their odd quirks and anecdotes. You’re looking for new ways to improve your life and the ones around you. You love making big gestures as you want a life worth telling someday.


No book is a good one without a powerful love story, according to you. You’re a passionate person at heart and to the extra mile to satisfy someone you love. You have a positive outlook on life, even when you hit rock bottom. You’ve got high expectations when you’re on a date, but you’re also pretty talented at wooing just about anyone that looks at you.

Science fiction

You love reading about intergalactic adventures and futuristic events that could happen, if we believe in other species out there. When you were a kid, you didn’t really fit in with the others as you thought about new worlds and characters bigger than the boring high school you were stuck in. You’ve got great ideas, but are afraid to speak up. With your smart wits you could live through any apocalyptic event and protect the ones you love.

Young adult

You’re young at heart and it makes you curious, willing to learn new things in life. You’re in tune with your emotions and are always the one your friends go to when they need solid advice. You’re independent and take pride in both your successes and failures. After all, you know it’s all part of the process and life.

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Love, Deem ❀

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