What a social media platform says about the person using it

There are over 3.2 billion social media users, worldwide. How much time they spend on these apps? About 3 hours, maybe even more than that. We all have a favourite social media app we use more often than the other ones. But, have you ever wondered what that says about you? No? Yes? Well, whatever the answer may be: let’s find out what it says!


Facebook users are often described as minimalistic, opinionated and nostalgic. They don’t want to keep up with the newest forms of social media and rather go for the simpler things in life. But don’t worry, being simplistic doesn’t mean they’re boring. They enjoy writing insightful statuses to share with their friends and like to keep tabs on older friends they lost contact with. Besides, who doesn’t love browsing through photo albums to stay in touch with your past?


SnapChat users are often described as funny, care-free and sociable. They have a great sense of humour and enjoy using the face filters by sending silly snaps to their friends. They’re also considered spontaneous, but take risky choices as they believe it’s unlikely a certain snap or story comes back to haunt you.


Instagram users are often described as perfectionistic, creative and basic. They’re visually rated, obsessed with aesthetics and pretty looking things. They put thought and time into creating content for their feed. They love their spiced pumpkin lattes and roof-top views.

Selective Focus Photography of Person Using Iphone X


TikTok users are often described as Gen Z, goofy and socially-aware. They’re very optimistic and tell most of their friends to loosen up when needed. They have a low attention span, an eclectic music taste and don’t take themselves seriously. They don’t mind looking ‘imperfect’, seeing as that’s exactly what makes them different. They love to get involved in viral trends, dance challenges and social awareness content. But, they suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), wanting to keep up with everything, not wanting to miss out on anything.


Twitter uses are often described as political, witty and meme-lovers. They over-share easily and love sharing their thoughts and opinions. The ones they’re too introverted to express in real life. They’re very serious in their usage, with the needed meme here and there. They like to do a lot of different things and have interests in food, sports, music, money, political discussions etc. They get deep in their feelings and love getting involved in political or social issues.

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