What your birth month says about you? Let me tell you!

We all have a birthday month, otherwise we wouldn’t be born. But, did you know that your birthday month says something about you? Well, you do now! Or well, in a second, once you start reading this article! So, let’s get started without delaying any further.


They’re ruled by the desire to be number one. They’re fiercely competitive, ambitious and love taking command over tasks. But, they’re also quite warm and compassionate, good at building networks for their personal life. They’re outgoing, social and good with money. They’re quite sensible towards spending money and have a strong opinion about various nuances of life, voicing it out. They love challenges at work, never putting their work second. To release stress, they love binge eating or shopping.


They’re old school romantics. They like to keep themselves surrounded by their friends, valuing commitments and cherish loving relationships. They can also be quite needy when it comes to emotions, though they need to learn how to express them. They spend time with their family to reduce stress and anxiety. When hurt, they’ll go quiet and sulk alone till they’re ready to face the world again. They love social harmony and like a balanced life.


They’re quite reserved and introverted, their emotions unpredictable. They can be hyped one day and feel low the next. Their strengths are creativity, sensitivity and kindness. They like to be left alone when overwhelmed by emotions. They express it through art. They love to uplift people socially and can excel at journaling, cooking, counselling, writing, social works, doodling etc. They love to get pampered and are suckers for love and harmony.


They love to be at the centre, don’t like to lose anyone and hate being dominated. They’re fitness freaks and enthusiasts, ably to inspire anyone to keep fit. They love gaining knowledge and believe in sharing their wisdom. They’re quite straightforward and serve you the truth. They make excellent teachers, care for outer appearance and end up being egotistical as a result. They’re grounded and don’t let criticism bother them. They like doing chores to relieve stress and have a charismatic personality, often coming across as stubborn.

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They’re filled with hope and positivity, spreading optimism wherever they go. They cannot work in a fixed schedule, as they need flexibility. This is good for their creative expression. Though, they find it hard to thrive in a desk job. They’re spontaneous and love travelling, which is how they release their stress. They’re natural lie-detectors and see through it. Don’t try to fool them. They hate drama and prefer alone time over social space. They work hard for a work-life balance. And don’t keep secrets from them.


They’re born with the natural instinct and would make great parents. They’re great listeners and storytellers. People like to confide in them and are comfortable sharing their deepest fears. They’ve got great leadership qualities and are good at maintaining a healthy work-life balance. They come across as controlling at times and need to be careful with this. Because of their kind nature, people can take advantage of them. But, they’d go an extra mile in their relationship(s).


They’re adventurous, humorous, smart and independent. They’re good at sarcasm and quite entertaining. They’re drawn towards nature and love their solitude. They’re interested in spirituality and philosophy. They’re natural overthinker and can be quite moody when sensitive. They’re great at solving mysteries. They constantly seek answers to their problems.


They’re born leaders, individuals who can inspire people with their words of wisdom. They’re quite strong, grounded and hard working. They sacrifice a lot for professional accomplishments and don’t mind to push themselves. They like to make their own choices and don’t like taking advice from others. They’re workaholics and find it hard to create a healthy work-life balance. They’re stubborn and judgemental, hate lies and are critical of themselves. They’re cautious of their self-image.

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They love undergoing transitions and transformations throughout their life. They love to help people and have their heart in the right place. They’re go-getters and want to climb the ladder to success when possible. They’re practical, grounded and have an eye for detail. They’re organised, neat-freaks and workaholics but have a hard time maintaining a healthy balance. They find it hard to ask people for help. They love doing something they want and find living from paycheck-to-paycheck an awful idea, not a path to happiness.


They’re extrovert, social creatures, intuitive and creative. They’re relentless workers and have a great sense of humour. They’re kind and do anything for their friends. Money is secondary to them when it comes to friendship. They have a great sense of fashion and turn heads with their presence. They love family just as much as their friends. They love art and literature, happy when they do something creative.


They’re mysterious, secretive, empaths and givers. They guard everything close to them and cherish their privacy. They’re social but can be wary of who they let in their inner circle. They have many acquaintances, but a handful of close friends. They’re comfortable in sharing their darkest secrets, seeing as they’re not judgemental. They’re carers and givers and invest their energy to heal others. They don’t like needy, controlling or nagging people as their partner. They have great intuitive powers and trust their gut feeling, excelling in the creative field.


They’re jovial and happy-go-lucky. They’re full of compassion and love. They value family ties, but crave for independent living. They’re focused, but love having fun, depending on the situation. They’re dedicated and have great ethics in life. They’re competitive and are risk takers. They need to find a balance and a way to relax to keep this up. They don’t bother for living by the book or rules, taking life as it is.

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Love, Deem ❀

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