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The kind of tattoos you’ll have according to your zodiac sign!

I myself want to have tattoos one day. I’ve decided to get my first one when I turn 25. I already know which one(s) I want, but some find it hard to make a decision. So, why don’t we take a look at what your zodiac sign suggests for you to take?


They may choose to design their own tattoo. They likely won’t choose a random one. They want to be unconventional and unique, so they want to self-create their tattoo.


They may get their partner’s name or face on their arm. They’re extremely sensual and magnetic. Because of that, they want to be reminded of who they love.


They’ll probably pick a tattoo that they can display prominently on their body. They’re confident, bold, passionate and highly adventurous. To prove that, they rather stand out and show off their personality.


They’ll likely go for something smaller, like a heart or other small symbol. They’re sensual and cunning individuals, they therefore love simple and aesthetically pleasing, wanting to have a clever meaning embedded within it.

Grayscale Photo of Person Applying Tattoo


They may get more than one tattoo, getting their favourite saying. They exerts confidence and chaos, their mind racing with fresh ideas and numerous possibilities. So, it’s hard for them to choose only one tattoo.


They probably show their loyalty with their tattoos, going for a patriotic symbol or something for a family member. Think of a family crest, the family tree, names of children or siblings, location of hometown etc.


They might get a lion, which sounds like a cliche. They’re vibrant, passionate individuals who bask in the limelight. So, they may take a tattoo with an ode to their power.


There’s a good chance they’ll go all or nothing. They’ll either opt out of getting one or get a few. They’re very profound, so their tattoo choices will represent the same.

Person Holding Hands


They may get a symbol of nature. They may gravitate to tattoos of images like flowers or swans. Though, they also rule relationships, meaning they sometimes choose their partner’s name or a heart as well.


They, just like the lion, may get their own zodiac sign animal: a scorpion. They tend to abide by an ‘all-or-nothing’ mentality. This could therefore apply to their body ink as well. They’ll either have zero tats or become in love with branding their skin with images associated with their Phoenix-like nature.


They may show their wanderlust in a tattoo, getting a bird or a plane. They’re typically adventurous spirits who list off all the places they’ve visited and the destinations they plan to go to. Even down to the longitude/latitude coordinates.


They may stick to their brand with their tattoos, using them to show their goals. They take life seriously, so tattoos can be one of two things for these people: a creative outlet and/or a symbol of motivation they can depend on for inspiration.

Man Tattooing Person on Arm

Love, Deem ❀

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