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Most common basic skateboard tricks for beginners

I’ve been doing skateboarding since I was 18 years old, and got better in the 2 years after that. After that, I did it less and less because of my study and even more less now with Covid. It’s a shame, seeing as I truly miss being outside with my skateboard and friends. Then again, my skateboard is also broken, which means I need a new one. Now, I’m not an official professional when it comes to tricks (I’m not perfect in performing them) but I’m able to tell you the names and what it means. As for the true trick, you can look up videos on YouTube on how to do it. But to be able to do so, you should know what they’re named first 😉

  1. Ollie

First up, the Ollie. It’s a fundamental skateboard trick, seeing as it should be the first one you learn. Why? Because many other tricks will lead on from this.

2. Nollie (Nose Ollie)

This is somewhat similar to the Ollie, but instead of popping the tail in the previous one, you pop the nose with this trick. Learning this one puts you in a position for transitions and other tricks.

3. Shuvit/Pop Shuvit

Both of these have been popular tricks for years. They’re quite easy to perform, looking amazing when you’re cruising along. The best way to get this trick is to learn how to Shuvit first without the pop. Then, add it.

4. Frontside 180

Now, an important side note before we got onto this one. You need to be confident with the tricks told before. Why? Because you’ll start with your feet in a similar position to how you’d start an Ollie. The movement needed for the 180 turn will come from your shoulders.

5. Backside 180

Your foot positioning with this one is close to being the same as it’d be for an Ollie. Though, just as with the previous one, the most important movement will be in your shoulders.

Person Performing Skateboard Tricks

6. Kickflip

This one has always been very popular. When you learn this one, it’ll make other tricks easier to master. Kickflip styles can be different, depending on who’s executing them. Though the basic movements are common in all of them.

7. Powersliding

It’s a great way to scrub some speed before attempting a big trick. The key to do this is to build up speed beforehand. So, make sure you’re comfortable riding your board around before you try this one.

8. Heelflip

Much like the Kickflip, this one has been around in the skateboarding history for some time. Your foot positioning at the start of the trick is very important. Why? It’s what allows the board to rotate in the air.

9. Casper flip

Not many people have heard of this one. To land this trick successfully, you must focus on the positioning of your feet. And, focus on your speed.

10. Manual

This one is handy to learn. It helps you tie your combos together. So, all the tricks you performed earlier? You can make them look like 1 fantastic combo. Though, before you try to do this trick, it’s super important to be comfortable riding your board around and be able to balance well on your board.

Person Kickflipping

11. 50 50

You’ve learned lots of flatland tricks, and this one will add some rail skill. It’s a great entry-level grind to learn for other rail tricks.

Love, Deem ❤

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