What your favourite candy says about your personality

There are tons of different candies out there in the world. It’d be impossible to list them all, but there are some common ones who are loved by most people in the world. Your favourite candy definitely says something about your personality, so let’s dive into that and see what yours is!

  1. Gummy bears

When you love these, chances are you’re a kid at heart. You’re an optimist and an extrovert who loves to be surrounded with like-minded, positive people. Your friends describe you as warm, loyal and full of life.

2. Lollipops

You’re not one to make the first move in relationships, no matter if they’re platonic or romantic. What you like to do instead is taking your time to get to know someone and try not to open up right away. Not until you’re familiar with them.

3. Dark chocolate

There’s a good chance you’re into keeping up your health. You’re a mature realist with a good head on your shoulders. You may be the type of person who sips on a glass of red wine instead of chugging down margaritas. You prefer intimate gatherings to large, raucous parties.

4. M&Ms

You’re an adventurous person and are always ready to head out on a journey with a moment’s notice. Which is why this candy is the perfect pick for a road trip. You have a colourful personality and a tendency to keep friends and family on their toes.

M&M's Chocolates in Bowl

5. Gumballs

You’ve got a lot of energy going on and have plenty of ambition going through your veins. You’ve got an occasional lack of patience however. You’re one of those rare people who jumps out of bed in the morning without an alarm, regardless of the amount of sleep you had the night before.

6. Peanut butter cups

You’re bold, ambitious and independent. You know exactly what you want and aren’t afraid to go after it. People think you’re quite intimidating or unapproachable, but you’re actually a very loyal friend to those in your small circle.

7. Starbursts

You’re vibrant, kind and easy-going. You tend to wear your emotions on your sleeve and struggle to relate to people who don’t express themselves the same way as you do. You’re the caretaker of your group of friends. Anyone who has a problem turns to you for advice.

8. Licorice

You’re quite old-school. You love black and white movies, multiple course dinners and hard copy books. You want to stick to rules and value punctuality. You appreciate it when others do the same. Friends and colleagues admire you for your discipline, work ethic and sophistication.

Multicolored Gummy Bears

9. Raisinettes

You’re buttoned up and professional during the week, but love to let loose once the weekend shows itself. You keep your work life and personal drama separated from each other. It’s necessary, seeing as you go all-in when you party. You’re quiet at first, but open up rather quickly to others when music and drinks are involved.

10. Sour gummies

You’re known for living on the edge and making bold decisions. You’re always the life of the party and many describe you as the most interesting person they’ve met so far. You’re impulsive, outgoing and fearless. You often find yourself in unique circumstances, as a result of the previous characteristics.

11. Snickers

You’re quite the athlete and are quite invested in sports and fitness. You love to spend your weekends hiking, hitting the gym or going for a run. You’re supportive, loyal and group-oriented. And a huge dog lover

12. Caramel chews

Life is all about learning, according to you. You’re the intellectual in your group of friends and are always eager to discover more about the world you live in. You value friends with a similar thirst for knowledge. You gravitate towards people you think you can learn something from.

Red Lollipop

Love, Deem ❀

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