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The hairstyle that fits your zodiac sign

Most people have hair (some are bald) and all have their own unique hairstyle. Some often take a new haircut to experiment, others keep the same style for years. But, did you know that your zodiac sign, apparently, tells which style fits you best? Let’s find out which one is yours!


You’re very creative: painting, writing, fashion. It doesn’t matter, because everything you do reflects your creative mind. You need freedom and are always ready for an adventure. You’re bohemian, quirky and fun-loving, so your hair should reflect this too. So, you need a versatile, carefree look with layers and bangs in medium length. It allows you to experiment with different hairstyles, which is important to you.


 You’re full of mystery. You’re an emotional type and filled with insights. You express yourself through singing, dancing and drawing. You’re constantly searching for depth, so an undercut is perfect for you. Wavy, water-like curls are just the thing for you and so you want to get a medium- to long-length style on top of the cut.


You’re a natural leader, fearless and bold. It precedes you. You’re known for your charismatic energy and aren’t scared to get things started. You need a haircut that expressed your confident, strong and adventurous personality. A top-knot bun suits you, representing your strength and intelligence. And since you’re always on the go, this fuss-free hairstyle is perfect for you.


You’re sweet, kind-hearted and a force to be reckoned with. You appreciate uniformity, meaning you stick to one style at a time once you truly like it. You’re a warm, loving, practical, reliable soul, so a long-layered cut suits you best. You don’t want a haircut that’s too high-maintenance, and this one doesn’t need much upkeep. A quick spray and you’re good to go!

Photo of Person's Hairstyle


You’re lively and exciting and can smoothly switch between intelligently analyzing politics to chatting about celebrities. What this means? That you love variety. You’re not scared to live and get bored quite easily, which includes your hairstyles. Try shaving one side of your hair. Say you get bored, you can easily split the rest down the middle and cover up the shaven part.


You’re passionate, persistent and peaceful. The 3 p’s of life. You’re a natural alpha, but are still sensitive. All of that makes you kinda hard to spot in a crowd. So, you might want to choose something spunk and edge. Try bangs for example. Though, keep them wispy and dreamy. Don’t cut them bluntly.


Your presence is instantly felt by everyone surrounding you. You’ve got a big and powerful personality, so anything works when it comes to your hairstyle. You’re fearless and brave, so you’d like to make a statement. Though, you’re not limited to long styles. Try cutting it short with long layers. You can slick it back or let your curls hang down.


You’re highly intuitive, intellectual and perfectionistic. You love to look put-together, so an above-the-shoulder bob will perfectly portray your logical thinker side. It’s a smart, chic and straightforward haircut which gives you a natural, polished and fresh outlook.

Person Cutting Hair


You represent and need balance, harmony, justice and fairness. Your charisma and soft charm are alluring and captivating. You like taking your time when grooming, finding symmetry important. A neat, no-nonsense cut will do just fine. You don’t need a messy or complicated hairstyle, simple will do just well. A medium-length blunt cut shows your elegant sophistication in its full glory.


You’re a dangerous mix of mystery and being attractive, exotic and magnetic. Though, you can be moody at times. You’re fearless, intense and passionate. What suits you, is no cut at all. Just let your hair grow long and it’ll show your boldness, strength and self-confidence.


You’ve got a great sense of humour. You enjoy life including all the ups and downs. You’re versatile and feisty, so you need a style that shows this. You want to display your happy, playful, carefree vibes, so a nice trim could work. But what about braids? It matches your adventurous, fun-loving personality.


You’re not afraid to set goals for yourself, taking them quite seriously. You’re polished, responsible, powerful and ready for anything. You love trying out new things, so why not try a striking asymmetrical pixie cut? You can even experiment with designs on one side of your head.

Person Cutting Hair

Love, Deem ❀

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